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Note: This is not a personal attack nor a criticism of anyone. This is a question I have asked myself for a while and am now deciding to think out loud to hopefully get a discourse going and find the answer.

Since the last year or maybe two there have been female content creators popping up in the sphere.

The manosphere. 
Rule Zero:

Rule Zero: Stay On Topic
From ye olde TRP forum – “TRP’s mission is to discuss men’s identity, sexual strategy, and options in the context of our current global culture for the benefit of men. Anyone who does not share that goal will be banned the instant we detect them. 

We are not interested in debating or defending our experiences to those who disagree with the red pill, nor do we want to clog up our threads defending the morality of our choices.”

If your post does not add value, your post will be removed. The moderators will continue to work to ensure the signal to noise ratio is correct.

At first I didn’t really know what to think of women popping up in the sphere. I had seen a couple of women before interacting with known sphere content creators but it only confirmed I don’t like fish and rice.

But over time more and more women kept popping up regurgitating red pill maxims.

And all I could think about was why? Why would women want to advance and optimize the male sexual strategy?

Why is the most sought after commodity in the world in such an unattractive space?

Some are indeed over 30, which many of us know is “the wall“, but some were in their early twenties.

Why the hell were they here?

Were they pick me girls

Where they doing it for the male attention? 

A lot of content consumers in the sphere are still stuck in their blue pill ways that they’ll gladly give up their coin of the realm to look at an easy on the eyes women as long as she says what he wants to hear.

I even went as far as travel through the ancient archives and seek wisdom from the 4 mod lords of the old forums to ask for guidance.

RuleZeroDad pointed me towards a certain direction and bestowed upon me the wisdom which they had long ago achieved to just let them be and smirk.

There is however no one till this day that wrote a better essay on this than Ian motherfucking Ironwood.


But this time it was different because this time the women in the sphere were getting involved into the content being created by men who were there when the sphere was built.

So was it the gatekeepers who needed to be gate kept?

Spearheads who used to be very vocal about there not being any red pill women were now hosting shows together with them.


Another trend that seems to be gaining traction are these ‘red pill women’ who attention whore on twitter by tagging all the red pill heavy hitters (Roosh, Illimitable Man, Rollo Tomassi, etc.) to show how red pill they are and it’s little more than a thinly veiled attempt at getting ‘alphatention’. It’s easy to see that most of these chicks act exact the same as feminists what with their cleavage laden selfies, witty remarks, and the like. The only difference is that they do it with the approval of redpill red pill aware men….most of which are the purveyors of The Red Pill. – Donovan Sharpe

*Note: This is not me bashing Donovan Sharpe. This is me wondering what made him change his mind. People live life and experience new and different things that will change their previous perspective. I pity the man who thinks the same as he did 5 years ago. This is nothing more than an example of what made me wonder about this phenomenon.

Or was there something going on that I did not see or was able to think of?

Then some of them reached out to me and at first I was skeptical as I am with all women is this space.

Because again: why here?

But all of my interactions with some of the female content creators of this space have been nothing but pleasant. Maybe some misinterpretations here and there but those were easily cleared within a 2 sentence exchange.

So nothing wrong from that end.

Then what was I missing, what is happening to my beloved He-man woman haters club?

And then you see it…

As I was walking up the mounting in Trina and deeply pondering this phenomenon again after reading Fabius Maximus his brilliant posts about the gender war where he was dialoging with Dalrock about what the future might hold it FINALLY hit me.

This was always going to happen no matter what

Women, to some of your surprise actually have it pretty difficult.

*Record scratch

*Sound of rumbling chains, pitchforks and sound of a fluid being poured which probably means torches and the thunderous sound of battle formations all within seconds start to appear.


*Me putting my most fanciest of boots on to be 2 inches taller and now raising my arms to addressing the angry mob:

‘Friends! Noblemen, Countrymen! LEND ME YOUR EAR!’

Not only are western women the most privileged group, they are also the most lied to.

And the consequences of those lies are just starting to reveal themselves.

“Imagine being a pretty young girl. Maybe you are, maybe you were and have since blossomed from a pretty girl into a pretty woman. Who is honest with you?

Men want to sleep with you will tell you what you want to hear so they can. They will lie to you because they want you

Men who actually love you will tell you what you want to hear so they don’t upset you. They will lie to you because they care about you

Other women will tell you what you want to hear because they think it’s more important to keep conflict down than to be honest. They will lie because they are conflict averse

And a few women are jealous and will tell you what you want to hear because they don’t want you to be better than them. Some chicks are just jealous.

-Rian Stone – “Womens relationship advice is garbage”

From the catastrophic results of single mother households, to the opioid crisis in single women aged 30 to 45 to alcohol consumption in that same category.

It can no longer be denied women are miserable for all the changes that have occurred that made them so equal to men.

One only needs to looks to the happiness measurements taken from women and compare those from decades ago till today.

One must me truly heartless to not feel pity.

And I say pity instead of empathy because well they kinda did it themselves, but that does not mean I wish this fate upon them.

And within this realization I started wondering.

Could it be that within that wide margin of women a few got their head out of their well shaped tight solipsistic asses and realized something had to be done?

There is most certainly a blue pill for women and they as well need to unplug.

No, it’s not the same as out little sphere and no the process will be completely different for a couple of maxims will hold true.

Women are and men must become – Rollo Tomassi

But instead of squandering that away as the great feminist lie tells them to, maybe some of the knowledge men have collected over the years might seem useful to those willing to seek it out.

And then we get to my answer to why all of this is happening, or well me understanding it because someone else OF COURSE already mentioned it.

Men and women are better together than they are apart. But were are not equal we are complimentary – Rollo Simpson Tomassi

And that is exactly what is happening.

Women are starting to seek out answers for themselves on why things are happening as they are happening and even though we have our own set of lies who need to awaken from, men and women DO want each other.

But since we have been drifting so far apart it’s not going to be easy.

This is also not me saying we should welcome every ditz in the sphere with open arms and let’s make the manosphere into a peoplesphere.

This is me acknowledging what is going on and I am not going to be as hostile towards it as I was.

Both the sexes have been lied to and both the sexes are suffering in the long term for it.

Men were just earlier with admitting it and fixing it for themselves.

As they were with the student debt crisis, the fiat currency crisis, the housing crisis and every other crisis known to man.

Now there are few women reaching out and even though the clubhouse is still boys only that doesn’t mean we can’t meet in the playground and discuss and share some ideas.

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