Your Political Views, Your Religious Views, And Your Vaccination Status Are None Of My Business.

Like I said in the above tweet, when I was growing up, asking someone about what their religious views or their political views were, was considered impolite, if not downright rude. You just didn’t do it. Who you voted for, or even if you voted was no one’s business but yours. Same with whatever brand of religion you believed in or didn’t believe in. I can’t remember a single time in my childhood/young adulthood that someone asked me what I believed in or followed.

Even today, no one (at least in the “Real World”) has asked me whether or not I vote, whom I may or may not have voted for, or what my religious affiliation is or isn’t. Same with vaccination status.

I’m not trying to “blast” Pearly Things here, but I will say this:

If anyone were to ask me my vaccination status on a first meetup or a first date, I would tell them, “That’s none of your business.” And then I would excuse myself and leave.

Whether I’m vaccinated or not, whether I’ve had “booster shots” or not, is no one’s business but mine. I don’t care what your vaccination status is or isn’t. It’s none of my business.

Her tweet is indicative of who she is. What do I mean?

I’ve met plenty of people from Twitter in real life. How they act on Twitter is how they are in real life. If they act like a “sperg” on Twitter, my experience has been that’s how they are in real life. If they say stupid shit like, “What’s your vaccination status?” on Twitter, they will probably ask you or me that in real life. Sorry Pearly, but it’s none of your business. Thank you for your time, but clearly we aren’t going to be compatible.

BullRush, whom I have not only met on Twitter, but I have had him in my home, here in Salt Lake City, Utah, summed it up beautifully. It’s part of why I’ve met him in person, and not just at a bar, over a beer. I would invite him to meet my Dad. I would invite him to meet my women. I would invite him to meet my co-workers and my boss. Why? Because he’s not a sperg or an idiot.

It’s why I’ve had Roman (@opiumtales2 on Twitter) and his wife in my house. They are both awesome and down-to-earth people. My only regret with meeting Roman and his wife is that they had to catch an early flight the next day. I would have loved to talk with them and hang out with them much longer than I did.

I could say the same for each and every person that I’ve met off of Twitter and invited them into my home. My time spent with them was far too short.

At any time during our interactions, we never talked about who we voted for or didn’t, what religious affiliations we belonged to or didn’t, and we certainly didn’t discuss our vaccination statuses.

Same with the women I have met over the last couple of years. Vaccination status never even came up. Some of those women I now know what their status is or isn’t and they know mine. But that came down the road after many dates. Does their status bother me? No. Does mine bother them? Again, no.

All I can think when I see someone tweet what Pearly did, is this:

“What kind of person says that in real life?”

That’s how I deal with accounts on Twitter now. They say whatever they choose to say, and I ask myself, “What kind of person would say that in real life?” And then I act accordingly.

Some people I will never meet in real life. Our online relationship is enough.

Some people I would meet in a public place, like a bar, or a coffee shop. I would have a drink or two or ten with them. I would even go out to a restaurant and have a meal with them, but I would never invite them to my home. I would never invite them to meet my Dad, my women, my co-workers, or my boss.

And then there’s some people that I would invite into my home. I would invite them to meet my Dad. I would invite them to meet my women. I would invite them to meet my co-workers and my boss.

I’ve had enough experience with social media to now realize that how the great majority of people act online is how they act in real life. I’ve had plenty of disappointments as well as pleasures in meeting those that I have met. Every time I meet someone new, it adds to my experience. And it keeps confirming my experience.

“Who would say that in real life?” “What kind of a person would say that in real life?”

Those are the questions that I ask myself, and in my opinion, those are the questions you should be asking yourself when you deal with someone online and are considering meeting them in real life.

And to those of you who may be wondering:

My religious affiliation, my political status, and my vaccination status are none of your business.

I’m Sitting In Twitter Jail

Me Right Now, For Real

I woke up on Saturday morning and apparently I pissed off the butthurt people. Somebody decided that a picture that I used in a comment hurt their feelings, and so they reported me and I got my account locked for another 5 days and change, at the time of this blog post.

It’s weird sitting in Twitter jail. I’m not able to post, retweet, quote tweet, comment, or “like” anything. I can still DM people, so there’s that. I’ve reached out to those that needed to know and for those that want to DM me on Twitter, they can.

In the meantime, what have I been doing while “serving my sentence?”

I’ve created a few new intro’s to Let ‘Em Burn with Nick and Bull. I’ve uploaded more new content to my audio podcast. I’m good through the beginning of January of 2023 on that. And I decided to put my domain name to here at WordPress, so now hopefully everything will go according to plan and when you type in, it’ll lead you to the blog in its entirety. I’ve been having a few bugs with the transfer process, but hopefully I’ll get that all smoothed out.

Also while I have been sitting in Twitter jail, I bought a new phone. My old one was on its “last leg” in terms of its battery life. I hate that with all the new phones, the batteries are internal now, and you can’t just buy a new battery and switch out the old one. The phone manufacturers have to keep us dependent and on the hook. Gotta keep that money rolling in somehow.

Speaking of the new phone, I like it, but I don’t like that I have had to input all of the “usual suspects” into damn near everything. Usernames and passwords. Fuck, I’m so sick of looking up and entering usernames and passwords that I could just puke.

I’ve also been sick during my stint in Twitter jail. Hanging around a sick girlfriend and swapping spit and bodily fluids will do that to you. The belly dancer wasn’t feeling too hot last Saturday and by Tuesday the 22nd of November, I was starting to feel the first effects of whatever it is that I have now.

I know it’s not the flu or Covid. Just one helluva nasty head cold. My voice is all but gone right now and if I were to get on a microphone and try to talk, it would come out as a croak.

I’m glad I’ve had the last few days off of work because of the Thanksgiving holiday, and hopefully I’ll be feeling better by the time I have to go back to work on Tuesday. Anyways, there you have it.

Talk to you soon.

Morality And The Red Pill

A few days ago, there was a small disturbance in the Gay Monastery (aka The Manosphere.) It had to do with the idea of having sex with married women. Paul, from Come On Man Podcast had one take, as well as some random bot account that had the same take. Rian Stone quoted the bot with, “Not our call to make.”

Paul then went on to add to my original tweet, and I had to follow it up with a question. Rian got involved in this part as well.

For the record: I am not trying to shit on Paul. I like Paul. I like what he is trying to do on the internet. I like most of his ideas, but in my opinion, his idea here wasn’t the best take, and it’s not because you should have sex with married women, it’s the fact that Paul is coming from a place of his own morality. There’s nothing helpful in his tweet. It’s the equivalent to the “Just Say No” campaign that was run by a certain Nancy Reagan back in the 1980’s for drug prevention.

We all know how well that turned out, right?

The Red Pill as I know it, and as anyone who has read or watched anything from Rollo Tomassi, will understand that it is a praxeology.

What is a praxeology? I’m glad you asked.

A praxeology is: the study of human action and conduct

Morality on the other hand is: of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior.

For the TL;DR crowd: The Red Pill is a set of tools and strategies to become more effective with mating and dating with the opposite sex.

The Red Pill is a tool, and nothing more. It is amoral. It is upon the person using the tools and their intent is when we step into the world of morality. Much like putting a scalpel into the hands of a surgeon or into the hands of a psychopath, one will save lives, the other will destroy lives. The scalpel is only a tool and is amoral, it’s the person wielding it with intent is where morality comes into play.

When the “discussion” about having sex with married women came up, guys got HOT.

Rian brought up a great point: Bringing morality into the question of having sex with married women keeps it taboo, untouched. It’s “sacred.” Why is that? My wanting to talk about it, isn’t me advocating for fucking married women. In fact, if you asked me, “Hey Rob, I’m thinking about fucking a married chick, what do you think?” I would probably respond with something like this:

“I think that’s probably a very bad idea, and here’s why:”

  1. You could get murdered for doing that
  2. You could get seriously injured for doing that
  3. You could go to prison for doing that
  4. You could be sued for doing that

Nowhere in there did I bring up morality, because your moral code and my moral code can and probably are, completely different from one another. “Just Say No” didn’t work for drug prevention, and it’s certainly not going to work for fidelity.

But why are guys “going off the deep end” when the conversation about having sex with a married woman comes up? Are you afraid that it might be YOUR wife fucking another man? Does that image make you uncomfortable? Is your ego really that fragile that you can’t even have a conversation about it and you have to shut it down? Like I said in the above tweet, most guys in the Gay Monastery don’t have girlfriends, let alone wives, so what’s the big deal fellas? Why you so mad about it? Why are you so uncomfortable?

Realize this:

Whether you are comfortable or not with having this particular conversation, infidelity is happening or is going to happen. Whether you like it or not, it’s going on around you, and yes, it could be your wife doing it. Burying your head in the sand won’t prevent it. Scolding and shaming won’t stop it. Preaching morality won’t slow it down in the slightest. People who want to cheat are going to cheat, so why not talk about it? Why not have a discussion? You might learn something from someone who has been there or knows someone who has been there and that information might help you prevent infidelity from happening to you, or it may help you from doing something stupid like committing a murder/suicide in the event that infidelity happens to you. But you’ll never know if all you want to do is yell, “Just Say No!” and then shut the conversation down.

All I see when I see someone mention “Never sleep with a married woman,” and they don’t follow it up with something practical and pragmatic, but they follow it up with morality, their morality, is a guy saying, “I don’t have sex with married women because I’m a good guy and my way is the right way and if you don’t do it my way, well, then you are a bad person and you’re doing it the wrong way.” That’s not very helpful to me.

At least I would tell a guy, “Hey man, you could get killed if you get caught. You sure you want to go there?”