Misconceptions of the Red Pill

It is NOT a philosophy or a “lifestyle”

I: Then what is it?

“There. Right there, for all you fucking feminists who keep talking about this like a flawed ideology, that’s all it is. Men talking to other men, swapping notes, and learning… that’s it.” – TheUltimateCad

Testosterone is the driving force behind civilization. You can be angry when you read this or you might want to try to refute it but upon reflection you will soon realize it has been men who built civilization through the millennia.

It made us fight predators, lead a tribe, find a town and fuck other tribes shit up and most of all reproduce with women to guarantee the continuation of our lineage in society.

Men wanted to fuck and wanted to since they came into existence.

That’s what trp, mrp, altfastseduction, sosuave and as its collective term ‘the manosphere’ is about.

Men figuring out how to optimize and maximize their sexual strategy.

From single, to dating to married these men in these spaces have connected over that single purpose.

Remember when you were a kid and you and the other kids with a Nintendo swapped notes on how to beat xyz boss?

It’s like that but with tits and for adults.

No one asked why and everyone cared about how.

Their how is how to get laid and keep getting it.

No ideology, no philosophy, no cult and especially not a lifestyle of likeminded individuals who will lift you up when no one else will.

II: But I need help

No one can help you but you. The men who came before you can share their experience and show you the tools they used to get their desired outcome but it’s you who needs to apply them.

There are no leaders, there are no priests and there are no bosses. Only men who came before you who were where you stand now.

They once had the same questions you have now.

They stood there with dick in hand and some raging harpy beating them into submission not knowing what to do.

They went through what you are going through and let go of their dick, tamed the shrew and took control of their life only.

Be grateful but don’t obsess.

III: What can I expect?

As Whisper made very clear once.

TRP’s mission is to increase men’s sexual power and options. Anyone who does not share that goal will be banned the instant we detect them.

That means you must be here for one or both of these reasons:

  • You are a man who wants to improve your own control over your life, mostly your sex life.
  • You want to help men achieve that goal.

That’s all.

  • Here for any other reason? Banned.
  • Here to argue about whether that’s a good goal? Banned.
  • Write anything in here that sets some other goal (moralizing, showing off, political agenda, etc) above that goal? Banned.
  • Disrupting that mission in any other way? Banned.

Keep your politics, convictions, morals and diet preferences to yourself.

And with that I bid you welcome to the locker room.

Rejections leads To Frustration Which Leads To Neediness Which Leads To Rejection.

It was that last Saturday of the month and some of my clients were graduating and so we took the time to step away from fitness for a moment and talk about out favorite past time event.


The month of April was absolutely brutal for me.

Ghosting, rejection, being ignored and even downright insulted sometimes.

But of course I refuse to yield.

The guys and I were swapping notes about our experiences in April and 2 out of the 4 clients were in an LTR, one together with myself was single and one was considering an ltr with a favorable prospect.

And at a certain point we agreed the frustration rejection brings, but then I realized that with that rejection your approach can and probably will get worse if you’re not aware of it because of the frustration it brings.

Rejection leads to frustration leads to neediness leads to rejection.

You get rejected because you’re used to rejection.

Napier, the fuck you going on about?!

Hear me out.

Your approaches are influenced by your experience, whether these be good or bad and the more bad approaches you’ve had in the recent past the more negative your thought process will be.

This is WHY abundance mindset is so important.

When you come from that mental state of abundance and outcome independence your approach is more carefree, more flowing more ‘zen’ if you will.

You don’t NEED the win.

You WANT it, but are fine nonetheless.

Smiling, Young Sparrow, always smiling” -Obi Rob Kenobi

Was It Worth It?

There is a scene in Beserk that stuck with me ever since I saw it.

No it’s not that one…

Of all the scene’s in the entire 1997 version of Beserk it’s the vision Griffith has just before one of the most horrifying moments ever put to the animated screen that I keep remembering.

It’s the scene where Griffith wonders ‘what if’.

What if he had just settled with Casca and had be happy with a ‘normal’ but peaceful life with her instead of chasing his dream of having his own kingdom?

What IF he hadn’t sacrificed all those lives for his ‘dream’ and saw what was right in front of him?

Would he have been happy, would he have been content, would he have peace and would he even have wondered ‘what if’?

If you’ve been playing the field I dare to say you’ve been there as well.

And I’ll dare to add to that you’ve had a couple of girls who were pleasant, enthusiastic, hot and willing but you didn’t pursue cause you ‘wanted to have more’.

A higher notch count.

More experience.

You wanted to earn your wings.

And then later on you look back.

What if you had settled with that girl who was nice, texted you, traveled towards you and was more than happy to bend over backwards to meet your needs? Literally.

You look back on the endless pile of nameless faces and wonder if all of it was required to get where you wanted to be.

Part II

The way is forward.

For stagnation is death.

I made this into a separate part because in our little band of brothers there are few but solid rules.

One of not telling a man what to think but how to think.

I can’t tell you if it was worth it for you or not.

I can’t tell you if you should have settled, if you missed your one shot at happiness or if that’s old order thinking that made you find this place or not.

I can only tell you my perspective on my situation and admit I have had these thoughts and then it might resonate with you.

But I can not give you answers.

Every now and then during a dry-spell I have episodes of reflecting on previous situations, how they ended and how and if they could have continued.

But the issue is that this happens during a dry-spell.

Instead of lingering in what used to be the focus should only be on what lessons I can get out of them to re-create and improve the situation.

Reflect and observe not regret and linger.

Not to replicate the exact same one only for it to end of the exact same way.

It is better to leave the trash where it stands otherwise everyone and their neighbor will see you take back the dirt inside.

If the situation really was that great, I would have stayed in it or she wouldn’t have ended it.

If I wanted to have stayed with someone I wouldn’t have felt the need to rack up the numbers.

I moved on for a reason.

I got wings.