What is a man?

This not not me jumping on the Matt Walsh bandwagon to try and define the sexes.

This is my 2 cents on the question of makes a real man.

The question is a trope and the answer is whatever fits the person asking it his or her agenda.

See men have the tendency to prove ourselves. 

To prove our worth, strength, intelligence, honor and or masculinity.

Which is exactly what the purpose of that whole question is.

You’re a MAN aren’t you? You’re big and strong aren’t you? Only a REAL MAN would do xyz! This is the stuff a REAL MAN drinks.

It’s a shaming tactic, that’s it.

It using your innate urge to prove and or defend yourself as a man towards the one presenting the measurement.

And it’s all worthless.

I got to this conclusion in Portugal where the local who helps out here invited us for dinner and wanted to end of with a shot of vodka.

Now even though The 48 laws of power have been ingrained in my psyche and I know to think as a like but behave as others, I can’t hold vodka for some odd reason so I thanked him and declined.

He was also the type that would say one and then tell you Portuguese tradition can’t allow you to just have one so it was a damnit if I do damned if I don’t thing anyway.

He offered again and I ever so kindly said no thank you.

To which he responded:

A real man DRINKS this! He DRINKS after his meal’

Guess my mother was more of a man than I’ll ever be.

But this got me thinking.

Here’s a simple farmer who’s very handy when it comes to hard labor, but looks like shit, divorced, lives together with his mother and has an on and off again ongoing thing with an alcoholic single mother who shags away when she’s not in Portugal. 

Now this is not to dunk on the guy, he’s WAY stronger than I’ll ever be, but there are area’s where if he was what a real man is I wouldn’t sign off on it.

Yet here he was questioning my manhood.

Now I know why, I OF COURSE was a REAL MAN and therefore I SHALL DRINK!

Little did he know that since I dabble in the Manosphere I couldn’t give 2 shits if I were a man or not according to someone’s standards.

I know plenty of tough guys who don’t cross the 6ft marker. And I’ve heard one needs to be at least that tall to ride the real man train.

So to me that’s what that whole question and challenge is, a trope. A shaming tactic to get you to act according to someone else’s wishes.

Mostly women, but every now and then a man who doesn’t like to hear no.

And what do I think a real man is?

Beats me.

And frankly I don’t care.

Is that masculine? Dunno.

All I know is that I usually measure things in the authority one has over one’s own choices and the responsibility of consequences of those choices that person takes.

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