Women In The ‘Sphere.

It’s almost the end of 2022, and I’m very satisfied with how things are going in my life at the moment. I’m satisfied with my blog, I’m satisfied with my YouTube channel, I’m satisfied with my relationships with my women, and I’m satisfied with the malarkey that is Twitter.

I have also had a few people reach out to me from various sources, all of them asking me a similar question:

“Rob, what do you think about women in the ‘Sphere?”

Jack Napier wrote about it 6 months ago, almost to the day. That was his take, and personally, I almost think he said it better than I could, but then again, I’m being asked what my opinion is, so I’m going to give it as I have had time to think about it now.

So what do I think about women in the ‘Sphere?

When I was first asked this, I was a little shocked and puzzled. That’s because I literally don’t think about women in the ‘Sphere. They have always been there to one degree or another, and they are more like a television or stereo that is on, but the volume is low. They are basically “background noise” to me. Women in the ‘Sphere have zero impact on my life, so I could really care less if they are there or not.

I believe it was Roissy who coined the phrase, “When it comes to women you aren’t fucking, whatever they say or do is either amusing, interesting, or irrelevant. You don’t take them seriously.” Granted, I’m paraphrasing a bit here, and if I’m wrong about the source, I’m totally fine with someone coming and pointing out the error of my ways.

That’s how I look at women online and in real life. If I’m not fucking them, I don’t take them seriously. Even if I’m fucking them, I seldom take them seriously, until it’s time to be serious.

When someone asks me, “Rob, what’s your thoughts on women in the ‘Sphere?” I realize that it is important to them. Otherwise, why are they asking this question? Why are they asking me what my “take” is? Clearly it’s important to the questioner, but my question to them is, “Why is this important to you?” Why do you care if women are here or not?

Make no mistake: How you feel or how I feel about women in the ‘Sphere is totally irrelevant. They are already here and have been for some time. Some have been in this “space” longer than I have been. I have seen plenty of women come and go, and I have seen some stick around forever, for god knows why. The point is, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t “gate keep” them. If they want in, they will find a way. So why worry or care about it?

I guess you could create your own platform and bring on some people who want to be full-time gatekeepers and maybe that’ll keep the women out for a while, but I know I don’t want that job. I have shit to do, I have a life. I don’t have time to inspect every account that shows up to see if their “man card” is legit or not. So what are you going to do?

I see women in the ‘Sphere and most of the time, they are just wanting male attention. So they say inflammatory things, hyperbolic things just to get a reaction. And most of you guys fall for it every time. It says more about you than it does about them. They are literally being “bratty little sisters,” and you are reacting to some nonsense that they threw out there to see who would bite. Talk about “failing a shit test.” Talk about having “no frame.” And I promise you, it’s not a good look to them, and it’s not a good look for you.

If you are constantly annoyed or angry about something a woman said, you have some work to do. If you find yourself needing to “correct her,” or feeling the need to “hold her accountable,” you have some work to do. If you find yourself constantly replying to her, congratulations, you have work to do. You can’t be constantly reacting to something some random asshole on the internet said, without having some work to do.

I find your lack of self awareness disturbing.

So women are in the ‘Sphere, they have always been here, and honestly, there’s going to be more of them coming as the Red Pill becomes more mainstream and more popular. It’s a fact, so get used to it. You have a choice of whether you choose to engage them and react to them, or you can choose to find whatever they say or do, interesting, amusing, or irrelevant. You can always mute or block them. You can always just keep scrolling. That’s usually what I do, I just keep scrolling.

I don’t take anything they say or do personally because I’m not fucking any of them, they don’t know me, I don’t know them, and so why should I let them bother me? Like I said earlier, they have zero impact on my life. Why are you letting it bother you?

The Red Pill started out as “guys swapping notes” about intergender dynamics, A.K.A., getting laid. It was never meant to be a “boys club” where women were seen as the adversary or the enemy. It was never meant to be a “Brotherhood.” At least that’s my take on it. I found this “space” to see if there was things that I didn’t know that would help me do even better than I was already doing with women. And lo and behold, there was some things. So I tried them out. I kept what worked, discarded what didn’t, and fine-tuned some of the stuff that worked some of the time to make it work more often than not. That’s what this “space” is to me. I don’t care if women are here or not, because they are here anyways.

I can understand a guy who just barely found this “space” having reservations. Your whole life just got upended. Maybe your wife divorce raped you. Maybe you found out your girl of several years was cheating on you. I’m sorry if those things are the case. But you have been listening to women your whole life, from the time you was a little boy. I know, because I was there too. At some point though, you have to take accountability for your life and realize that at least some part of it is your fault. You got here because you listened to women tell you what to do and how to behave. Maybe listening to them and reacting to them isn’t the best course of action?

What’s that saying? “Don’t ask a fish to tell you how to fish? Ask a fisherman?” Talk to guys instead of listening to women until you get your life on the course that you want it to go.

Here’s my own personal silver lining though:

Women in the ‘Sphere are practice for me. Since I don’t take them seriously, I keep my interactions with them fun and light-hearted. I flirt and I banter with them. I tease them. Much like women that I meet in real life or through some online dating app, it keeps me sharp and it’s far more entertaining and amusing to me than listening to the latest “masculinity” account (which they are all interchangeable if you care to check) tell me I should be more like Marcus Aurelius or that I should take cold showers, drink black coffee, go into “Monk Mode,” or sun my balls. You want to dry up a woman’s vagina? Be a Stoic. Be a philosopher.

It’s far more fun and entertaining for me to be the Devil whispering in her ear than anything. And yes, this includes “Trad Women.” There’s no such thing as a “trad woman,” there’s just women.

So what are my thoughts about women in the ‘Sphere?

Bring them on, I don’t care.

This isn’t a “Brotherhood.” There is no “us versus them.” This isn’t a “united front.” And who is “we,” motherfucker?

It’s a far more interesting space with them than without them. We are “better together” than not. They are not the enemy or the adversary. And if you can’t see that? You have work to do.

One thought on “Women In The ‘Sphere.

  1. Girls in the “Sphere” is a good thing. How can it not be? With every post, they are offering themselves as tribute for guys to practice & apply what they’ve learned. Girls in the “Sphere” is not the problem; it’s lazy, self-loathing, hubristic dudes not wanting to move out of their comfort zone.

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