The Peter-Pan Paradox

Clean your room! – Jordan Peterson

After being back on Twitter I get trad platitudes thrown in my face daily. It’s either from some anon masculinity account or Aly/realfemsapien. One of the 2 I can forgive for being an idealist.

The trad platitudes are all the same. Clean your room, earn enough green, don’t play video games, don’t bang hoes and ruin women.

All the things sexless men would say to other sexless men to feel better about themselves.

And even though deep down inside I know it’s nonsense it did get me thinking about certain things.

Most of the girls I date are just as promiscuous as I am and that’s oke. Some more than others and some even more than I.

But getting confronted with trad platitudes did get me thinking that maybe me choices in life withheld me from getting with the ‘high quality woman’.

Was’t I getting ‘high quality’ women because I wasn’t acting ‘high quality’ or wasn’t I acting ‘high quality’ because I wasn’t getting ‘high quality’ women?

What if I got my act together by going back to a government job, sell ALL my lego’s and Pokemon cards and just donate my Switch?

Get a mortgage, buy designer furniture and wear nice brand clothing, go out to bars and clubs more and attend social gatherings flexing my status.

Would I get ‘better quality’ women?

The answer, of course, is no.

Women are women and that’s oke.

They’re all ‘hypergamous’ (not all of them act on it), they’re all pretty with make-up and they’re either into you or not.

But of course as some of you might know I always have to be reminded of certain obvious facts I tend to forget.

When I lay this though experiment in front of Rain Stone he stopped me in my tracks and stated that I already did that and asked what it got me more than it gets me now.

The answer is, to be honest, less of a headache.

Now I don’t have to worry about what status I have, what car I drive and or what my parents in law think of choices I make.

Now I can get the milk for free, because as I’ve learned women don’t care about that nonsense for short term sexual partners and when invested after being fuck buddies for a while already know what they’re getting into and have decided that they don’t care about anything else but me.

I’ve had good relationships while keeping my foot down about my choices in life and they wouldn’t sway from my side until something like choosing between me and her parents came up.

Where she OF COURSE didn’t choose me.

Disclaimer: For you retards thinking I put this ultimatum forward: I didn’t. She wanted me to meet her parents and they were either A. righteous cunts or B. I thought it was too soon.

I learned what settling for parents in law brings and it isn’t pretty.

She couldn’t live with it and I couldn’t be swayed so we wished each other the best.

Trad is a fantasy, a business model, a platitude and a coca-cola commercial.

The last close to trad situation I was into was when I found out during Christmas she had been texting her ex.

So even when I did everything ‘right’ women are going to be women and what you think is ‘right’ isn’t what actually works.

You don’t need to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility over anyone else but yourself.

Do that, clean yourself up, at least be groomed, lift, eat right and you’ll notice by having that and be at least charming you’ll come a long way without needing to set yourself on fire and keep daddy Peterson, Reeve, Walsh, Platitude Of Man warm while you take responsibility without being granted authority over your own life.

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