2023. The Year Of…

The guys with the highest standards also have the lowest notch counts. – Rian Stone (I believe.)

Ah, standards. Precious standards. If it wasn’t for all of your high standards, you might actually live a little, meet some fun women, get your dick wet, and hell, maybe even fall in love and have some type of relationship.

But no.

It’s better to have standards, right fellas? It’s better to “walk on by” than it is to take a chance with some random, good looking woman, and see what happens.

It’s better to get into fights with strangers on the internet. It’s better to call some random chick a 304 and try to hold her accountable instead of talking to her.

It’s better to hustle and grind. It’s better to sun your balls and drink black coffee. It’s better to go into “monk mode.”

It’s better to say that “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze,” than it is to admit that you’re a pussy.

It’s better to LARP and have your “brotherhood” than it is to go out and talk to some women. Nasty, evil, vile wahmen! Yuck!

Welcome to 2023!

Happy New Year to everyone except all those people that I just mentioned. All of you can piss off.

Happy New Year to everybody who is willing, ready, able, and excited to meet new people!

Happy New Year to the guys that “would.”

Happy New Year to the women that “would.”

Happy New Year to to everyone except the guys who want to “crush it with passion,” because fuck those guys.

Wait Rob, aren’t you the guy that “would?” I have seen you quote tweet on Twitter all the fucking time about some random “mid” that you “would.” (Fucking cat photo!)

Yep, that’s me. That’s my New Year’s Resolution.

Same as last year and the year before.

Why would I want to “crush it with passion” unless I’m “crushing her with passion?”

Why would I want to “hustle and grind?” Girls don’t need no man for money, they can make their own, and they usually do. Money has never been an issue for me and the women that I meet, so why is it an issue for you?

My height (or lack of it) isn’t an issue for her or me, so why is your height an issue for you?

My baldness isn’t an issue for her or me, so why is yours for you?

I’ll be 51 shortly, (sometimes I can’t believe that I have lived this long) and guess what? My age isn’t an issue for her, so why is yours for you?

I live an average life as far as housing, vehicles, and possessions are concerned. None of that shit matters to her, why does yours, or the lack of it, matter to you?

Yes, I’m the guy who “would.” Why not? What else have you got?

Read another book? I’ve done it. Watch another video? I’ve done that as well and most of the content that is being produced lately is sorely lacking. Plus, I have shit to do. I don’t have the time or the patience for watching red meat and nonsense when there’s women out there that “would.”

So what are you going to do in 2023? The same old shit? (Probably.)

Or be the guy who

3 thoughts on “2023. The Year Of…

  1. A question for many out there:

    Are you content? or are you cycling between states of upset?

    I’ve been with non-models and enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon doing it. I have enjoyed a roll with all sorts. And I have enjoyed beautiful ones too. I only started enjoying them when I decided to be content, to like women and like myself.

    I want to ask men here another question:

    Are you finding reasons to be upset or unhappy? Can you like a woman? Enjoy the company?

    These are things that you must ask yourself.

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