Another 5 Unpleasant Truths – 5


  1. Ladies, if you are “fluent in sarcasm,” if you are a “princess,” if you state, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” guess what? You have zero personality and are insufferable to boot. The best thing about you posting/saying these things? Guys see it as a huge red flag and will avoid you like the fucking plague.
  2. Men, see #1 above minus the princess thing. If you are a princess, you’ve got bigger problems. I see guys saying and posting this same type of shit. Guess what you look like? A dork with no personality and zero original thoughts. You’re lazy. Be better than that. Fucking be more original.
  3. Men, there are 3 general types of women. a) Those that are interested in you. b) Those that might be interested in you. c) Those that aren’t interested in you, but will waste your time because you are giving them attention. Learn which is which so you can focus on A in particular and C so you can weed them out fucking fast. H/T to Black Label Logic for this one.
  4. Ladies, there are 2 general types of men. a) Those that will fuck you. b) Those that will fuck you and take you home to meet the family. The first group is huge. The second group is extremely small. Which one do you fall in? Which one do you want to be in? Whichever group you fall in, is what the man thinks about you and how he sees you. Figure it out. True story.
  5. Men, you have to ACT. Waiting around for the woman to decide, waiting around for her to approach you, is by default, acting like a woman. You need to take charge. Don’t be soy.

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