How I Found Some Peace of Mind

Peaceful. Isn’t it?

Our lives can be hectic, chaotic, and stressful. I’m sure you’ve either been there, or are there. Not enough time in the day to do the things that you need and/or want to do. There’s the commute in the morning. There’s the boss on your ass about…. Whatever it is. There’s waiting in line to order and then eat your lunch. Then you get to go back to your deadline that is looming dangerously close.

And then, you get the commute home. Stop and go traffic, horns honking. Rubber neckers rubber necking. Cops doing what cops do on the highway. And then, you get to get inside the house, take out the dog, get dinner ready, wash shit, clean shit, talk about your day if you are lucky, get the family off to whatever events they need to go and do, so on and so forth. Maybe you finally get to go to bed by midnight. Maybe.

And then, you jump on social media. That will keep you up for hours. Politics this, fake news that. Someone bitching about something or other. Christ, I’m exhausted just writing about it.

So let’s stop.

Get off social media. You can do it. Try it for a day. Just one day. Instead of jumping on to see what the latest outrage is, or what the latest tweet from so and so is, just….


Just for one day. One day. That’s all I’m saying. One day.

I gave up Facebook for one day. It was amazing. No stress from that angle. No drama. No bullshit. So I gave it up for another day. Life started slowing down for me. Life started getting easier. I started having more time to do and be a part of more important things. I could get to bed and get to sleep earlier and easier. I slept better.

I gave it up for a week. I started getting a lot more productive in my free time. I’ve been able to write more. Life has started looking a lot better than before.

I gave it up for two weeks. Holy… There’s a whole world of cool, unusual, and interesting things out there. I got outside more. I started moving more. My attitude got better. My outlook on life got better.

Ask yourself this, “Do you really need social media?” Do you?

Social media is just a tool. A very powerful tool. A very powerful, addictive tool. You can throw away your whole life on it if you aren’t careful. How many hours do you spend on social media? Seriously, run a stop watch or something to keep track of just how much time you spend on social media. You’ll be shocked. And it’s so easy.

Seriously guys, get off social media. At least for a day. One day. Try it out. You may just surprise yourselves.

You aren’t missing anything. Trust me on this one.

Get off. For one day. Go outside. Get some sun. Your body needs it.

Thank me later.

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