Comedy Through A Red Pill Lens


I’m currently sitting at an altitude of 30,000 feet as I write this (isn’t technology neat?) and I’m thinking about my trip to San Antonio this last weekend, and on Saturday night I went to a comedy club for a night’s entertainment. There were three acts total, which included the opener, the headliner, and the MC who started the show.

Right off the bat, the MC started his routine with a bunch of self-depreciating lines, one of them about how he gained weight once he got married, and how he thought “that’s what we’re supposed to do.” His claim was that his wife stayed at a trim 109 pounds, while he didn’t. My belief is that all comedy routines contain a kernel of truth, which is why we laugh. The real truth here is that this guy who has been married for eight years is probably headed for divorce, or his wife cheating on him, and then getting divorced afterwards if any of what he was saying was true. He went on to talk about now when they fight, they don’t wait for a private moment, they just do it whenever and wherever the moment strikes, because “that’s what you do when you’ve been married for as long as we have.” Little gripes and annoyances are held onto and brought up to throw back into each other’s faces, because “that is what you do.” He would shrug and roll his eyes, sigh, and shake his head during all of this. A true sign of resignation if I ever saw one. Now the audience was laughing all throughout this routine, especially the women. Even the beta schlub husband’s would guffaw and exchange knowing nods and glances.

The opener came out after and his marriage routine consisted of guys helping people out during hurricane Harvey as men who were trying to escape their wives, and the wives hoping and praying that the hurricane would take their husbands out. It was implied that neither partner was really happy with the other, and that a death from drowning was a better fate than their current existence. I know it was comedy, but again, that kernel of truth.

The entire show seemed to be a big joke at the man’s expense, because in marriage, “that’s just what you do.”

The bitter taste of the red pill was there for me that night, thankfully I haven’t lost my sense of humor and I was still able to enjoy the show despite all the tropes and canards that these male comedians were throwing around all night.

On a truly funny note, the opening guy did have a t-shirt for sale that had a line on it to use on women for pick-up.

“Are you a beaver? Because Dammmnnn!”

And then in little text at the bottom:

“You are hairy!”

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