On the Outside Looking In

It’s strange, I’m sitting here on a flight back home and I’m looking and listening to the people around me. All their little conversations, a guy watching a sitcom in his phone. I remember what it was like when I was on the inside and I would watch the same sitcoms. How comfortable I felt. How safe. How IN I felt. Once I took the redpill that all changed.

I see the TV shows now and I see the bullshit and the lies. The fairy tales. “Sleep,” they say. “Consume.” “Go along to get along.”

“You too can have your One. She’s out there waiting for you. Just work harder, be nicer. Put her needs before your’s. Be attentive, be supportive, be a good listener. Good guys get the girl.”

Don’t have needs of your own, especially sexual needs. God forbid, you might actually offend her.

Good times.

Now days I am the outsider looking in and it’s surreal. It’s almost like the movie, “They Live,” where when you put the special glasses on, you see people for what they really are, not the disguise they have been wearing for most of your life.

The most interesting is my own family. If only I could redpill my mother. Get her away from the goddamn TV. It’s got to be exhausting being her. Being afraid, being uncertain. Waiting, begging the TV to tell her who and what to be afraid of next. I’m exhausted just thinking and writing about it.

Being on the outside is liberating, I wouldn’t change it for anything. But it can be lonely sometimes. Friends and family do not, cannot, or will not understand what you are trying to tell them. I might as well being speaking a foreign language, or talking to a wall.

Once you take the redpill, there truly is no going back. Nothing will ever be the same as it was before you took it.

You will however see things as they truly are, not how you wish it would be, or what other’s have told you it would be. It ain’t pretty.

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