The Return

“Velvet” Back Again.

I wrote a post a little while back, it’s something that reiterates what Rian Stone wrote about in Fuccfiles.

A couple of days ago, I received a text from a phone number that I didn’t have in my phone, and that I didn’t recognize. The woman said hello and told me her name. Now, her name is actually pretty common, and that didn’t help me out a lot, so I decided to play along and started asking questions to either suss out who this person actually was, or to determine if “she” was a bullshit artist.

One of the questions that I asked was what was her dog’s name. She was able to answer it correctly and I knew that it was indeed “Velvet.” (For those of you wanting to know more of my backstory with “Velvet,” just go to the search bar on my blog and type in “Velvet,” and you’ll get everything that I have written about her and our time together.)

“Velvet” and I have a “vibe.” It’s not just the sex, it’s the conversations and the way we interact with each other. That’s why it was sad and disappointing for me when she called me on Labor Day Weekend of 2022 and had to tell me goodbye. She wanted monogamy and a boyfriend. She knew that’s not who I was and she was also smart enough or wise enough to know that she couldn’t or wouldn’t change me. So she had to go. I get it. It’s the price of admission for the lifestyle that I lead. I realized a long time ago that not everybody would want to date and relate the way that I do. I consider my love life to be a revolving door most of the time. Women show up, women leave. I’m still here.

When “Velvet” told me goodbye, I wasn’t surprised. I had felt a “disturbance in the Force” for a minute and knew something was up, and when she called me, she confirmed it. I have to admit though, out of all the goodbyes I have received from women over the years, her’s was the most humane, kind, thoughtful, and genuine.

I was sad to see her go, but that’s what happens.

6 months later and she’s texting me, which is when I thought about what Rian said in Fuccfiles. The great majority of women who decided to reach out to me didn’t want me, they just wanted to know that they could have me. Maybe they were bored. Maybe they were lonely. Who knows? Ultimately, who cares? All of them were time wasters, until now.

I have always been honest with the women I meet about who and what I am and what I’m looking for. There are plenty of guys on the internet who would disagree with what I say to the women I meet and how I say it. I don’t care. It works for me, and that is all that matters.

“Velvet” and I met up again in person this last Friday night. She looked amazing. We had shellfish and drinks. She also came back to my place and left late Saturday morning. We are planning to see each other again some time this upcoming week.

After our first session of sex on Friday night, I had to ask her something. My morbid curiosity was getting the better of me.

“Velvet, you know who and what I am, and what I’m looking for. It was ultimately why you had to tell me goodbye 6 months ago. So knowing that, knowing I haven’t changed and that I’m not going to change in the foreseeable future, why are you here?”

Why are you here?

Why are you here, Velvet? Why indeed?

I make a lousy husband and boyfriend, that’s just me being honest about me. I do make a great Lover, though. But why are you here if what you want and what I want are diametrically opposed?

She said:

“Rob, I know who and what you are. I also know that I want the “white picket fence.” I also know that is a fantasy. I realized that I want to live. I remember something you told me. You said, “It’s not the journey or the destination, but the company that you choose to keep.” I want that, and that’s why I’m here.”

So “Velvet” is back. For now. Time will tell and we will see. I have to admit though, the sex was pretty fucking hot and we picked up right where we left off as if no time had elapsed. Then again, I assumed that everything would work out the way that it did, and it did.

Sometimes they actually want you, not just knowing that they could have you. It’s rare. So rare that this is only the second time in my life that this has happened. The last time that happened I was 19, naive, stupid, and young.

Where will this go? I have no idea. I don’t think about those things too much. I’m not built that way. I don’t dwell on the past or the future too much. I just live in the present moment.

Will “Velvet” walk away again? Probably. When will that happen? I don’t know. It could be today. It could be tomorrow. It could be 20 years from now. I have no idea. All I know is that there are no guarantees in life and you might as well live every moment as if it was your last.

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