Experience With Women

A few years ago, I wrote a post called, “Are You Experienced?” Today, I want to riff on that some more, only this time, I’m not talking about sexual experience so much, but more of “general experience.”

First off, I want to say right now, I love and hate a phrase that Chest Rockwell came up with about a year ago:

“Your knowledge of women is in the abstract.”

I love it because it is so apt and so fitting. I hate it because it’s one of those things that once you understand what it means, you can’t unsee or unhear it. Everywhere I go, every time I get on social media, there’s a bunch of guys talking about women in the abstract and I can’t unsee it. It practically screams at me now.

I’m going to give you my definition of “experience with women,” but first, I want to start off with some numbers….


That’s how many women I met face-to-face with the intention of dating and having sex with in 2022. I’m not counting the women that I texted with only. I’m not counting the women that I talked with on the phone. I’m not counting the women that I got pictures or videos from. I’m not counting the women that I chatted up while standing in line at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I’m not counting the women that I said “hello” to. I’m not counting the women that I met in a group setting where everyone socialized and shot the shit. I’m only counting the women that I met face-to-face with the intention of going out with her, and she knew that I was looking to date and have sex. These were the women who got their asses off the couch, out the door, and ended up in front of me. I’m only counting the women who ended up in front of me with no one else distracting either one of us.

2 is the number of women that I met and it never got past the first meetup, and nothing resulted from it except a hug from each of the two. As a side-note: The first woman that I met and it didn’t go anywhere but a hug happened in January of 2022. The last woman I met and it didn’t go anywhere but a hug was in December of 2022.

8 is the number of women that I kissed.

3 is the number of women that I had sex with.

2 of those 3 women I dated for approximately a month to a month and a half.

1 of those 3 women ended up being a “same day lay” and also a one-night stand. I met her and on the same meeting I had sex with her. She wanted to meet up again, but logistics kept getting in the way, and while the sex was good, I’ve had better, so I didn’t pursue that one.

5 of those 8 women that I kissed, I thought more would happen with them at a later date, but it didn’t for a whole host of reasons. Some of them “ghosted,” one of them decided “she wasn’t ready to date,” and one of them decided “she didn’t want sex, just friends.”

During this time, I have held down a full-time job, wrote blog posts, done a shitload of livestreams, created and edited a handful of videos, did a bunch of audios for my audio platform, slept, ate, showered, read books, watched movies, went camping, went to Wendover for debauchery, rode my motorcycle, and I was, and am still, dating the belly dancer at the time.

None of this information is meant to come across as a “flex” or a brag. It’s just what I did when it came to meeting women in 2022. Meeting 10 women in 12 months isn’t that much in my opinion. It doesn’t even average out to one a month.

And no, I don’t have a spreadsheet mapping all of this information out. What I have is a memory and a bunch of archived texts.

So back to my definition of “experience with women”…

Here is what I mean:

You can talk about women, but you won’t have any experience with women until you talk to women.

Ultimately, this is what I think Chesty meant when he said, “All of your knowledge of women is in the abstract.”

In order to have experience with women, you have to talk to women. Talking about women is not experience. It’s speculation, hypothesizing, theorizing, and even trying to mind-read women. But it’s not actual experience with women.

Let me ask you this, Gentle Reader:

How many women did you meet in 2022 going off of my prior criteria?

Again, texting and video/pics only doesn’t count.

Talking to the girl at the cash register and mentioning the weather doesn’t count.

Your mom and your sister/cousin/aunt/family doesn’t count.

Prostitutes don’t count.

Your wife (if you’re married) doesn’t count. (But that’s a whole nother story for another time.)

You had to have met her, face-to-face, with the intentions of dating and/or having sex.

How many did you meet?







The less women you actually meet, the less experience you will have.

When you have actually met women and talked to them, you’ll learn about their uniqueness, you’ll also learn about patterns and behaviors that contribute to “AWALT.” You’ll learn the difference between pattern recognition and nuance.

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