Modern Media Was Not Made For You And It Never Was.

How would you open?: “I fucked bigger”

So few of you might know I am a huge geek, I haven’t been trying to hide it very well either.

I loved Transformers and Star Wars as a kid.

Religiously watched X-men the animated series and knew exactly which number which Pokémon was.

And as an adult I dabble into nostalgia and even in the outrage culture that comes with it.

But I do find it funny that it only took them so long to find out what we knew for so long, but to quote Nick Krauser:

“Pua has done more for the social sciences than 1000’s of peer review studies have done”

Paraphrasing here, shut up.

Men have been portrayed as idiots for as long as I have been watching television.

From Homer in The Simpsons, to Peter and Chris in Family Guy, to Billy in Billy and Mandy, from Every leading male in every sitcom.

Now the creators at Disney have just become less obvious about it.

Wolverine, Gambit and Beast (not Cyclops) used to be pretty badass in their own way, but these days there is just NO male character to look up to (which in all honesty just be the guy you want to look up to, when you finally pull your head out of your ass and figure out what you want).

They emasculated Thor, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange and Obi Wan are side characters in their own movie/ show.

And Hulk is a set piece for She-Hulk to propagandize against to tell you, the male viewer, women treated BAD!

Look, that’s just what you’re gonna get when viewing Disney.

You don’t matter.

The ideology matters.

And if you want to change it, stop screaming into the void, make your own content or read manga and watch anime.

I had a chat with Chad from accounting about why this is happening, because you get more and more pandering in sports these days as well and the only conclusion I could think of was:


Cause everybody speaks green.

The reason why I think this is this.

Women earn less than men in general yet spend more, so why not pander to the highest spenders instead of the highest earners?

Just look at the over debt devision and spending devision.

Women spend a WHOLE lot more than men.

So wouldn’t you as any sane person pander to women more since they’re way less conservative with their spending habits?

I know I would, if more and more money was my ultimate goal.

The only problem companies will soon face is that they missed one thing.

Men and women are different.

I know, shocking right?

Men and women differ in interests. This has been shown countless times.

They’re being told to like comics and super hero movies now, but in general women don’t watch that crap. Look at the numbers, they barely do.

BUT the beauty about this, JUST LIKE THE STUENT DEBT CRISIS!

Is that men, as a whole, vote with their wallet.

They’re dropping out of college in droves, they’re stopping reading western comics in droves and they’re stopping going to watch Disney films in theaters IN DROVES.

That is the whole beauty of the free market.

Everybody speaks green.

Yet here you are screaming into the void your favorite character is being emasculated, while being fat, bearded and ugly.

If I were a woman I’d watch it just to piss you off 😉

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