Power Resides Where…

When I was younger I always though power meant having control over others.

To control their behavior, decisions, thoughts, wants, needs and time.

The older I got the more I understood power is the complete opposite.

Power is the lack of control others have over your behavior, decisions, thoughts, wants, needs and time.

Power is the control over one’s emotions not to lash out or the need to defend your position, explain or excuse one’s self or rationalize your behavior towards others. 

Power is doing.

Power doesn’t need to be stated as a possession. It shows itself when needed.

Guys love the Tywin Lannister quote “Any man who says I am the king is no true king” which was used to put a child in his place. Yet they use it to show they’re king because Th3y d0n’t cAll th3ms3lv3s K!ng. Completely missing the point of what the character was trying to say in that moment.

Power does not need to speak.

That is power.

Power just is.

And as stated above power is how much control one has over themselves.

Can you make peace with the past?

Can you accept what you lost will never come back?

And can you accept that who you once were is no longer who you are?

In bodybuilding and in fitness as a whole there is a phenomenon that’s called “fat kid syndrome” and it describes a person who used to be the fat kid and experienced the hardship that comes with it. Be it ridicule, rejection, shaming and outright bullying, but now has gone through the journey of losing all the weight and sculpted themselves into a peak example of human aesthetics. 

Yet they cannot lose the image of that chubby little fat kid who nobody wanted to play with or be around other than to ridicule them.

They still have no power of themselves.

And it reminds me of people who win the lottery.

Many of you might know the statistics that a majority (I can’t remember the percentage) of lottery winners are broke within 5 years.

Objectively they might be rich, but mentally they are still poor.

An urge to spend, because who knows when the money will be gone? Ironically that way of thinking being the reason why it will be gone.

But with it comes certain behavior as well.

Note I have never been “poor”. I grew up in a financial middle class home where I had every toy that I ever wanted. Which developed into problems on their own which I maybe go into later.

I do however know a couple of previous fat and or poor kids who, even though out lift and out finance me, still haven’t caught up mentally.

In it based on that experience which I know write this piece.

With certain circumstances come certain behaviors.

When you’ve never been anyone, you want to be someone. But how can you be someone when no-one acknowledges you?

For that there’s validation.

In my humble opinion a need for validation is a sign of powerlessness.

A NEED for everyone to know you have money, have sex, have stuff and everything else they’ve achieved.

But what is all of that worth if you can’t enjoy it for yourself?

This need for validation can take form of destructive habits of calling people out and comparing yourself to them in a way that makes you look infinitely better.

Be like me it worked for me.

But if you’re better, why feel the need to call it out?

Stir Up Water To Catch Fish is one of those laws of power which is meant as a shield instead of a sword and not as a tool to apply. Some will rattle your cage just to see how you react and with your reaction enlarge their point.

Power isn’t winning over other. Power is not needing to win over others, because you’ve already won for yourself.

This is why they used to say: “We can’t tell you what to think, only how to” in MRP (Married Red Pill).

All of this Red Pill, learning game, getting attractive and getting your shit in order is about YOU.

Rian Stone always asks: How much money is enough?

And barely anyone can give an answer.

Can I give an answer?

I can give a rough estimate and if I were a millionaire you’d barely see me podcast solo again.

You most certainly would never know if I had it.

This is why Delicious Tacos comes across as powerful to me.

The man has his books, his own little farm, a passive income and is jacked and what does he do?

Plays an incel on Twitter while guru’s make fun of him by calling him poor and falling for his play.

Meanwhile he enjoys the peace and the beauty of nature, company of his cat, bird watching and the occasional big titted Asian who also agrees to promote his books with scantily clad photo’s of herself.

Chest RuleZeroDad Rockwell comes across as powerful to me.

He’s been a mod on Married Red Pill for years where he archived his field reports on dragging himself through hell to now being a highly successful lawyer while leading his family without even one photo of his car or need to look for validation. Yet you will be dragged to the carpet when you try to fuck with him. His work speaks for him, not his possessions.

Rob comes across as powerful to me.

He’s 5,4 ft, bald, bearded, tatted up having 3 girls in rotation working as a truck driver not having any debt as of recently. 

He doesn’t want for anything but his Bud Light, cigars, hanging out with friends and his chicks.

He is content.

He is the alpha buddha, although a very grouchy one every now and then. 

This is not to fluff my friend, though a bit, but it to get across a point.

They HAVE what THEY want.

They answered uncle Iroh’s question to Zuko:

“Is it your own destiny or a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?”

Do you want 6-figs brah or did you read that on twitter?

Do you want to be ripped and have the abs or did you see a photo of a guy with models and did it made you think you need to look like that?

Do you want the bad bitches or are those the girls you see on insta and would you be happy just to have someone be into you?

Most of you will fail and the red pill isn’t for you.

Red pill Trademark is, but not the red pill.

You’re the grand example of men being raised as defective girls as why marketing works so well.

A quick feel good hit of dopamine before you go back to your miserable life wishing and wanting for what some Guru can give you.

One thought on “Power Resides Where…

  1. Ah yes.

    I saw a lot of poseurs on Twitter. People bragging about their accomplishments and lashing out at the world. “I’m so great! Look at me!”

    Yeah, that’s not power. That’s compensating for being a dork in high school and still seeing themselves as that dork.

    Tywin had power. He was king without the title. He was the one who really pulled the strings. Which of course is much, much better than having the title itself. The title is a pain in the ass.

    Ironically though, he failed to see that one of his sons will outshine everyone else but dismissed him as a freak. And that caused his premature death.

    I like Rian Stone a lot. I ended up mailing my son his book. My son also served in the Navy and they’d have similar stories. My favorite is the girl who everyone on the ship fucked and the one beta male ended up marrying her, totally clueless that he was the one guy on the ship who didn’t fuck her (until they married of course). There’s one of them on every ship apparently.

    I liked Chest a lot too. Talked to him a few times on YT too.

    So what is power?


    Then focusing on what you need to do.


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