Slipping Into Darkness

Fuck Death
From a comment from “Let ‘Em Burn, “In The Hips”

So on tonight’s “Let ‘Em Burn,” a comment was made about “Slipping Into Darkness.” To which I said something along the lines of, “Sounds like a song from Saints and Sinners,” which if you don’t know, has a song called “Slipping Into Darkness.” Google it, check it out, I’m not doing it for you.

Apparently it goes much darker than me having a 90’s flashback to a metal song that I thoroughly enjoyed back then and to this day.

I don’t know if her friend died or not, but from the comment, I take it that this person died. But hell, maybe he got sent to an asylum or something.

Here’s the point if it’s about death though:

Fuck Death.

We all die. Sooner than we think we will. Always. We all think that our loved one’s, and us by proxy, are going to live forever. We aren’t. We all die. And sooner than we would like to think we will.

My Mom died in late 2018 before she turned 67. I have friends who died back in their 20’s and 30’s. An acquaintance of mine just lost her 23, almost 24 year old niece, to a drunk driver. The guy jumped the curb, hit the niece, killing her almost instantly, and almost killing the niece’s baby daughter. He then proceeded to drive off, only to be caught a short time later by law enforcement. My Dad just told me a couple of days ago that he needs me to take him to the hospital so they can “whittle on his prostate.” Those are his words. At 72 years old, nothing is a minor procedure anymore.

Fuck Death.

You can’t outrun it. You can’t outlive it. “On a long enough timeline, our probability of survival goes down to zero.” Guess what movie I’m quoting.

Fuck Death.

Live your life in the way that you choose. Live it fully and fearlessly. Live it to the hilt. Eat all of the good food. Drink all of the good drinks, and even some of the bad ones. Do all the shit that you want to do. Your survival isn’t guaranteed. In fact, it’s guaranteed that you won’t survive.

Fuck Death and all of the myopic bullshit and virtue signaling. “Quality women and men,” don’t exist. There’s just men and women, that’s it. Either she’s a “hell yeah!” or a “Fuck no.” That’s it. Anything in between is bullshit and is a no as far as I’m concerned.

Enjoy your life and do what you want. Drink to your friends, lovers, and family who have died. I know I would want you to if it was me. Don’t mourn me. Don’t cry for me. Don’t lament my passing. Drink to me and to life and for Christ’s sake, get to living.

I’m saying this now because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and I don’t know if I’ll be around to write it.

Drink, eat, and fuck for life. Fuck Death. Drink, eat, fuck and live in spite of death. Do all the shit you wanted to do and don’t put it off. Tomorrow never comes and yesterday will never come back.

Do what you want because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and nobody is watching and nobody gives a fuck anyways.

One thought on “Slipping Into Darkness

  1. So don’t cry to me oh baby
    Your future’s in an oblong box
    Don’t cry to me oh baby
    You should have seen it a-coming on
    Don’t cry to me oh baby
    Had to know it was in your card

    Rerb, for some reason, you reminded me of the Misfits

    Yeah, I was guilty of hanging on to my dead homies. I wish we had wakes for this kind of shit.

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