A Case For “Normalcy”

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Maybe it’s just been my experience, but one of the things that I have noticed for a while now on Twitter is that many of the guys in that space have “a little spot of the ’tism.” (h/t Rian Stone for that phrase.)

What do I mean by this? Most of the guys aren’t “normal.” Being normal has gotten a bad rap these days apparently. Being normal means that you are still plugged in, doing the blue pill fantasy, being a consumer, and watching and believing in mainstream media I guess.

But here’s my case for “normalcy.”:

“Normal” guys tend to have women in their lives. Whether it be a girlfriend, wife, or some sort of significant other, there’s women in the picture. At least that has been my experience with guys who are normal.

You can hang out with “normal” guys. This is a big one for me. I can have a conversation with a “normal” guy. Our conversations don’t only revolve around the red pill or politics, we can talk about music, cars, different places to eat and vacation, and a host of other topics.

“Normal” guys tend to have a variety of interests. They aren’t fixated on only one or two things. They might go to the gym, but that’s not all they do and they don’t live there. They enjoy the company of women, but chasing skirt isn’t their only goal. They like their video games, but they aren’t doing 48 hour marathons of World of Warcraft. They like their firearms but they aren’t obsessing over the “End Times.” They may have their religious convictions, but they aren’t forcing Jesus down my throat and trying to convert me to the cause. They love their kids (if they have them) but their kids aren’t the centers of their universes. They have plans and goals, but they don’t need to map out the next twenty years of their lives on a spreadsheet.

If you find yourself doing anything that I’ve mentioned above, you may have a little spot of the ’tism.

I’ve met plenty of guys online and I plan on continuing to do so. If we’ve met because you found my blog, my Twitter handle, or my YouTube channel, that’s awesome to me. I’ve achieved one of my personal goals. If we are ever to meet in real life though, please be normal. I talk enough about the red pill online that I would rather get to know you, not hear you rehash something I said or that someone else said. I don’t mind a mention about it here or there, but I don’t want that to be the only thing we talk about. I can talk to you about that online and keep it there.

I love women’s company about as much or maybe even more than the next guy, but I don’t want to spend all day talking about pussy. I had a roommate back in college who let his dick run his life. All day long all he wanted to do was talk about pussy. The pussy he got, the pussy he wanted to get, the pussy that I got, and the pussy that got away. I would try and change the topic after awhile and move on to something else, and he would end up bringing it back to pussy. It got old. I remember telling him that there was more to life than pussy. I remember moving out shortly after that conversation as well. Life is too short.

Carl from Black Label Logic made a great tweet the other day.

He said:

I find the best acid-test for allowing people into your life consists of 1 question, 4 contexts: Would I be comfortable:

1. bringing this person to thanksgiving dinner

2. a work function with my boss and all my co-workers

3. night out with the boys

4. dinner with so/gf/plate

This goes even beyond “The Beer Test.” I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but I’ll be damned if I can find the post. Maybe I just talked about it on Twitter at some point, but it goes simply like this:

“Would I want to sit down and have a beer with this guy and shoot the shit?” If yes, then he’s probably okay. If not, then I have my answer.

Carl takes it another step, which I happen to like. It made me realize that while there are some guys out there that I would have a beer with, there are very few that I would invite to dinner with my women, work, or family or go hang out with the boys. That’s sad to me, but that’s the level of ’tism that is going on out there.

So the takeaway for today boys and girls, is this:

You want to be more successful with women? Try being a little more normal. You want to be liked in a social setting? Try being a little more normal. You want to have some guy friends, especially “red pilled” guy friends? Try being a little more normal. Dial the ’tism back a notch or two.

You don’t have to be the “Most Interesting Man In The World.” You just have to be interesting. And be normal for the love of god.

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