A “Real Man”

man in red button up shirt

Taken from men and women on Twitter:

A “Real Man”:

Will stay with you.

Will help you without asking for sex.

Wears pink.

Would stand up to (insert whatever here).

Will make sure you’re good.

Will help her heal.

Pleases me from head to toe.

Can wash the dishes and cut the grass.

Won’t put you in any type of position to make you look stupid.

Doesn’t love a thousand girls. He loves one girl in a thousand ways.

Doesn’t torture lost souls, but saves them.

Doesn’t make a woman cry tears of sadness, but rather joy.

Can wait for the girl he loves.

Never dates 100 women, he makes 99 women jealous of his one “Queen.”

Doesn’t put his hands on a woman.

Gives his lady the attention she deserves, gives her all of his love, calls her beautiful and treats her like a queen.

It takes a real man to embrace his feelings

If a real man loves you he won’t be confused with his feelings if another woman jumps in.

Has his shit together.

Knows one woman is enough.

Knows how a woman needs to be taken care of.

Takes care of others before himself.

Will treat you with respect, love, and honesty. And take care of their partner in every way.

When a real man loves you he’ll do anything and everything for you.

Isn’t worried about quantity but quality.

Doesn’t discuss his woman’s flaws.

Know how to treat women with respect they deserve.

Handles his business.

Takes care of his family.

Will never stop supporting his women.

Listens intently to her wild thoughts.

Always takes care of business, even when times get rough, and minds his own business.

Knows when to apologize.

Will buy you shit without fucking.

Only lies to his woman if it involves surprising her.

Doesn’t play games.

Is an authentic man.

Has nothing to hide. He tells the truth about anything you want to know.

Gives his woman his bank card.


Will respect you. Even on bad terms.

Eats his woman any time of the month.

Is reliable and knows what true love is.

Can marry a single mother.

Who loves you will stay for you, will always listen to you, and will always understand you.

Will love you for your heart, your bare face without makeup, and all your flaws.

Will reach out and thank his enemy.

Keeps his word.

Makes every day Valentine’s Day for his girl.

Will love everything you dislike about yourself.

Keeps his word no matter the circumstances or the situation.

It takes a real man to love someone else’s child.

Will eat anything a woman sets before him.

Understands that sex isn’t everything when it comes to satisfying a lady, comforting her, appreciating her, respecting her, and taking care of her emotionally.

Marries for the future, not for the present.

Is not afraid of standards.

Won’t care about your past.

Doesn’t ask for help. He would rather die.

Does what is expected of him.

Doesn’t care.

Will appreciate every inch of you. He will never get tired of you.

Will be patient with you. He will understand you. He will stay and figure things out.

Will hold her hand in public, hold her purse, open doors for her, and show her respect.

Doesn’t have time to cheat because he is too busy providing all of which a good woman deserves.

Is able to hold it together when being assaulted by a woman.

Endures the blazing sun and smouldering heat with a smile.

Can handle a redhead.

Steps up.

Offers his seat.


Doesn’t sneak or do anything.

Does not hit women or children.

Will die for his family.

Will die for his country.

Will die defending her honor.

Loves his mother.

Defends his own.

Rises up through controversy.

Will admit when he is wrong.

Believes in our Heavenly Father.

Handles every situation with poise and grace.

Knows that a period doesn’t stop anything except a sentence.

Makes babies.

Gives her “wife treatment” from the start.

Will pay his child support for what he did.

Looks for a wife, not another girlfriend.

“Accepts me for who I am.”

Knows your worth.

Wouldn’t talk to a woman “like that.”

Never stops trying to show his girl how much she means to him. Even after he’s got her.

Supports his women financially.

Protects his partner physically and emotionally.

Protects and loves his woman for who she is.

Doesn’t need sleep.

Will take his wife shopping at a supermarket.

Will “man up” and deal with it.

Would marry that girl.

Votes for…

Knows how to wait.

Desires respect from his wife the most.

Has a conscience.

Is not defined by how many girlfriends he’s had. It’s by how many girls cried when he said, “No I’m taken, and I love her.”

Makes his woman feel like she’s the only one out there.

Has rough, scaly hands.

Protects women, even in conversation.

Doesn’t get tired of seeing his girlfriend.

Provides, protects, and always keeps his promise.

Will try and save his family, whatever the consequences.

Handles his business and doesn’t need any recognition from the world of all the hard work he does. He simply continues on and puts in work, day in and day out.

Is concerned about his country.

Doesn’t need a woman that has to be done up all the time.

Doesn’t need guns.

Will remind his woman daily why she fell in love with him.

Is not intimidated by a strong woman.

Forgives a woman for her lies.

Has no insecurity.

Sets out to please.

Will never cheat.

Just can’t deny a woman’s worth.

Is a stand up guy who is dependable, compassionate, and fearless.

Will get rid of everything and everyone that jeopardizes his relationship.

Makes sure the mother of his children isn’t stressed.

Always controls his temper.

Knows what to do during her period.

Will not end the day in a bad mood.

Knows the importance of communication.

Is not offensive or rude.

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