Caught In The Middle

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Things seem to be “heating up.” One of the latest things that I’ve seen on social media is the “NFAC” or “Not Fucking Around Coalition,” arming themselves and parading out to a monument and calling on the “White Supremacists” to show themselves.

The left is more or less controlling the streets, disrupting other people’s lives by blocking traffic, burning shit down, breaking shit, and beating the shit out of people.

On the other side of the coin, many moderates and conservatives vacillate between, “Where are da cops?” and “Get ready to boog.”

Chest Rockwell, @RuleZeroDad on Twitter, had a great tweet about it:

(Bold emphasis is mine.)

Listen. I get it. Something, something poking bear, sleeping giant, just you wait, we’re near a breaking point.
But seriously, fuck you if you advocate taking up arms when most of us have something to lose, and I’m not guaranteed freedom after I’m forced to join you and kill.
And here is the crux of the matter:
Most of us have something to lose. Whether it be our property, our jobs, our families, our freedom to not sit in jail or in a prison, or our very lives.
Every “cause” requires a martyr at some point. The problem with being a martyr is twofold:
1. You have to die.
2. You don’t get to stick around and see what, if any, results came from your martyrdom. You won’t know if you died in vain or not.
Everybody wants to join the cause, but nobody wants to be the first in line to be a martyr.
It seems like I’m seeing a lot of people talking a big game about “pushing back,” and yet I’m not seeing anyone actually doing anything about pushing back. I think that’s because of what Chest said earlier:
They all have something to lose. That, and nobody wants to be a martyr. I know I have much to lose and I sure as hell don’t want to be a martyr.
I’m writing this because I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because the inmates are running the asylum. I’m frustrated because in all honesty, by the time the “sane majority” of the population actually decide to do something, it will be too late. We’re pretty much there already.
Mackenzie, @_KenziePuff on Twitter, tweeted a short video. In it, the guy who was talking said:
“How radical is your opinion when the cops and the National Guard are kneeling and doing the Macarena, dancing with protesters, and every major corporation has put out a message and donated money to this cause. How radical are your opinions really?”
He goes on about spray painting cop cars and the police doing nothing and then the video ends with the guy saying, “It’s being allowed to happen.”
We’re already there.
We’ve been witness to the demonizing of masculinity for some time now. We also been witness to “white = bad.” We’ve now been witness to people being shot by protesters in their cars as they are trying to leave a mob controlled area.
I honestly don’t think it will be long before we actually are going to witness a public execution of a civilian on the street, in broad daylight, by another civilian. All because they were on the “wrong team.”
Will that executed person become the “martyr” that is needed? If not, how many acts of brutality and violence will it take, with government and law enforcement backing away from it, before someone actually does something about it? What is it going to take to take back our country?
Is our country worth “taking back?” Is she worth fighting for? Plenty of people are sitting on their hands and wanting to have a discussion with “the other side,” which I’m all for actually. Except it seems that “the other side” doesn’t want to talk anymore, if they ever did.
Choosing a path of non-agression doesn’t mean that others aren’t training to murder you and take your stuff. – Jack Donovan.
If the Red Pill has taught me anything, it has taught me to watch people’s actions and their behaviors and not listen to their words. It’s easy to lie with words. Not as easy to lie with actions and behaviors.
One of the saddest realizations to me is that “those in power” whoever they are and may be, don’t want us talking to each other. They want that fight. They want blood to spill in the streets. They want us killing each other at some point.
Where does all of this end? Where does all of this go? I honestly don’t know. From what I’m seeing though, it doesn’t look like it ends well. For any of us.
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A “Real Man”

man in red button up shirt

Taken from men and women on Twitter:

A “Real Man”:

Will stay with you.

Will help you without asking for sex.

Wears pink.

Would stand up to (insert whatever here).

Will make sure you’re good.

Will help her heal.

Pleases me from head to toe.

Can wash the dishes and cut the grass.

Won’t put you in any type of position to make you look stupid.

Doesn’t love a thousand girls. He loves one girl in a thousand ways.

Doesn’t torture lost souls, but saves them.

Doesn’t make a woman cry tears of sadness, but rather joy.

Can wait for the girl he loves.

Never dates 100 women, he makes 99 women jealous of his one “Queen.”

Doesn’t put his hands on a woman.

Gives his lady the attention she deserves, gives her all of his love, calls her beautiful and treats her like a queen.

It takes a real man to embrace his feelings

If a real man loves you he won’t be confused with his feelings if another woman jumps in.

Has his shit together.

Knows one woman is enough.

Knows how a woman needs to be taken care of.

Takes care of others before himself.

Will treat you with respect, love, and honesty. And take care of their partner in every way.

When a real man loves you he’ll do anything and everything for you.

Isn’t worried about quantity but quality.

Doesn’t discuss his woman’s flaws.

Know how to treat women with respect they deserve.

Handles his business.

Takes care of his family.

Will never stop supporting his women.

Listens intently to her wild thoughts.

Always takes care of business, even when times get rough, and minds his own business.

Knows when to apologize.

Will buy you shit without fucking.

Only lies to his woman if it involves surprising her.

Doesn’t play games.

Is an authentic man.

Has nothing to hide. He tells the truth about anything you want to know.

Gives his woman his bank card.


Will respect you. Even on bad terms.

Eats his woman any time of the month.

Is reliable and knows what true love is.

Can marry a single mother.

Who loves you will stay for you, will always listen to you, and will always understand you.

Will love you for your heart, your bare face without makeup, and all your flaws.

Will reach out and thank his enemy.

Keeps his word.

Makes every day Valentine’s Day for his girl.

Will love everything you dislike about yourself.

Keeps his word no matter the circumstances or the situation.

It takes a real man to love someone else’s child.

Will eat anything a woman sets before him.

Understands that sex isn’t everything when it comes to satisfying a lady, comforting her, appreciating her, respecting her, and taking care of her emotionally.

Marries for the future, not for the present.

Is not afraid of standards.

Won’t care about your past.

Doesn’t ask for help. He would rather die.

Does what is expected of him.

Doesn’t care.

Will appreciate every inch of you. He will never get tired of you.

Will be patient with you. He will understand you. He will stay and figure things out.

Will hold her hand in public, hold her purse, open doors for her, and show her respect.

Doesn’t have time to cheat because he is too busy providing all of which a good woman deserves.

Is able to hold it together when being assaulted by a woman.

Endures the blazing sun and smouldering heat with a smile.

Can handle a redhead.

Steps up.

Offers his seat.


Doesn’t sneak or do anything.

Does not hit women or children.

Will die for his family.

Will die for his country.

Will die defending her honor.

Loves his mother.

Defends his own.

Rises up through controversy.

Will admit when he is wrong.

Believes in our Heavenly Father.

Handles every situation with poise and grace.

Knows that a period doesn’t stop anything except a sentence.

Makes babies.

Gives her “wife treatment” from the start.

Will pay his child support for what he did.

Looks for a wife, not another girlfriend.

“Accepts me for who I am.”

Knows your worth.

Wouldn’t talk to a woman “like that.”

Never stops trying to show his girl how much she means to him. Even after he’s got her.

Supports his women financially.

Protects his partner physically and emotionally.

Protects and loves his woman for who she is.

Doesn’t need sleep.

Will take his wife shopping at a supermarket.

Will “man up” and deal with it.

Would marry that girl.

Votes for…

Knows how to wait.

Desires respect from his wife the most.

Has a conscience.

Is not defined by how many girlfriends he’s had. It’s by how many girls cried when he said, “No I’m taken, and I love her.”

Makes his woman feel like she’s the only one out there.

Has rough, scaly hands.

Protects women, even in conversation.

Doesn’t get tired of seeing his girlfriend.

Provides, protects, and always keeps his promise.

Will try and save his family, whatever the consequences.

Handles his business and doesn’t need any recognition from the world of all the hard work he does. He simply continues on and puts in work, day in and day out.

Is concerned about his country.

Doesn’t need a woman that has to be done up all the time.

Doesn’t need guns.

Will remind his woman daily why she fell in love with him.

Is not intimidated by a strong woman.

Forgives a woman for her lies.

Has no insecurity.

Sets out to please.

Will never cheat.

Just can’t deny a woman’s worth.

Is a stand up guy who is dependable, compassionate, and fearless.

Will get rid of everything and everyone that jeopardizes his relationship.

Makes sure the mother of his children isn’t stressed.

Always controls his temper.

Knows what to do during her period.

Will not end the day in a bad mood.

Knows the importance of communication.

Is not offensive or rude.

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man reading burning newspaper
Every Time I Open Twitter.

The longer I stay on Twitter, the more I scroll, the more outrage I see. More and more, there is a “gender war.” Lately it’s coming from “our side.” It’s almost as bad as feminists when they go off about men.

If you haven’t noticed, especially here on my blog, I’m trying to steer clear of all of that. If you follow everything going on in the ‘Sphere and take it as gospel, then there’s no point in getting involved with women, because all they are going to do is cheat on you, take half or more of your assets, and “branch swing” on over to Chad Thundercock.

If you listen to a lot of the voices in the ‘Sphere, there’s a huge amount of women that are BPD, they are all gold-diggers, they will get knocked up by Chad and then try and pass that offspring off as yours.

And of course, every single one of these things will be your fault. Because you didn’t do the work, you didn’t lift, you didn’t eat meat, you didn’t wake up at 4 am and drink a pot of black coffee while taking a cold shower, and god forbid, you asked her a question and wanted her input about food or something; you just lost your frame. Since you don’t drive anything better than a lambo, you might as well fucking forget it.

It’s turning into fucked up guys screaming that you are a fucked up guy.

Sure the family court system is rigged against you. Sure, she could go feral, divorce rape you, take half your shit, and take your kids from you, leaving you to be nothing more than an ATM for her shopping trips. I know it happens.

Just because she could, doesn’t necessarily mean she will though. For every horrific divorce or break up that you hear about, you never hear about the divorces or break up’s where both parties parted amicably. You hardly hear about the relationships that are working out just fine, and no, these ain’t your gram’s and gramp’s relationships that have been going strong since the Stone Age. I’m talking about the 4 year relationships or the 9 year relationships. Relationships that have started during the rise of the internet or even after it.

Why is that? Because that shit doesn’t sell. That shit doesn’t get views or clicks.

“Hey Terry, how’s that relationship with Barbara working out?”

“Great Fred! We’ve been going strong now for about 6 years.”

“Well that’s just great Terry! Talk to you later.”

If guys approached each other in real life like they do online, it would look like inmates from the insane asylum had broken out.

“Billy! You know that girl you are seeing is a single mom right? She fucked up and got knocked up by Chad Thundercock and had his kid! She probably is looking for you to be her Beta Bucks! Be careful though man, those single mom’s will cheat on you with Chad’s brother Chet, and she’ll probably get knocked up by him and try to pass that bastard offspring off as yours!”

I thought the Red Pill was about understanding women’s natures, realizing that they are different than us. Different and complimentary. Not this hate shit I’m seeing all over the place.

When I filed for divorce from my ex-wife back in 2015, she could have fought me and been a bitter bitch about it. Guess what? She didn’t. She signed the papers and let me get on with my life.

When my ex-girlfriend decided she didn’t want to be in a relationship with me, she could have cleaned my house out and disappeared into the night. Guess what? She didn’t. We parted on good terms.

When either I or several of the women that I’ve been seeing over this last year realized that things weren’t working out the way that we wanted, guess what? We ended things like adults. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings. It just didn’t work is all. No drama, no threats, no bullshit. Either I called it quits or they did, but it was no big deal.

Same with many of the guys that I talk to and deal with on a regular basis in the real world. When their relationships ended for whatever reason, both parties took it on the chin and left like adults. It was so common and so un-spectacular, it was actually kind of boring.

But that’s not the majority of the talk in the ‘Sphere these days. These days it’s about the outliers becoming the average; becoming the norm. Not every woman you meet is going to be BPD. Not every woman you meet is going to be damaged goods just waiting for a paycheck, your paycheck. Not every woman has a 1000 Cock Stare. Not every woman is a complete irresponsible idiot.

It seems that with each passing day the ‘Sphere is becoming more and more polarized. It’s becoming more and more “Us vs Them.” Just like feminism. Only now it’s guys sulking and pouting and throwing their own temper tantrums and taking their ball and going home because “the game is rigged.”

I understand when a guy gets blown out of the water by a woman and his whole life gets turned upside down. I’ve been there. The hurt and the anger are real, and up to a point, they are justified. At some point you have to let that shit go and get on with your life though. Be angry for a minute for sure, but then move past it. Your hurt and anger are only a crossroads, not a final destination.

This is why I don’t get caught up in the outrage anymore, from either side. It’s not productive, at least for me. I’ve heard all the bullshit a hundred times over. Same shit, different guy. It doesn’t work for me anymore. I don’t care.

In a lot of ways, getting on to social media is no better or no different from watching the MSM. All gloom and doom. All blood and gore. All high drama and outrage. It’s all bullshit.

I saw a meme recently that said, “We used to use the internet as a way to escape the real world, now we are using the real world to escape the internet.” Something like that. It’s true though. I get on social media and see the latest outrage and then I go outside and see that there still is no spoon. Hell, I’m open-minded enough. I go looking for this outrage on the streets and wherever it is that people congregate, and I’m still not seeing it, no matter how hard I try.

Guys, stopping drinking the Kool-Aid and get off the internet for awhile, and get out of your homes for a few hours. Clear the shit from your heads.

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