Caught In The Middle

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Things seem to be “heating up.” One of the latest things that I’ve seen on social media is the “NFAC” or “Not Fucking Around Coalition,” arming themselves and parading out to a monument and calling on the “White Supremacists” to show themselves.

The left is more or less controlling the streets, disrupting other people’s lives by blocking traffic, burning shit down, breaking shit, and beating the shit out of people.

On the other side of the coin, many moderates and conservatives vacillate between, “Where are da cops?” and “Get ready to boog.”

Chest Rockwell, @RuleZeroDad on Twitter, had a great tweet about it:

(Bold emphasis is mine.)

Listen. I get it. Something, something poking bear, sleeping giant, just you wait, we’re near a breaking point.
But seriously, fuck you if you advocate taking up arms when most of us have something to lose, and I’m not guaranteed freedom after I’m forced to join you and kill.
And here is the crux of the matter:
Most of us have something to lose. Whether it be our property, our jobs, our families, our freedom to not sit in jail or in a prison, or our very lives.
Every “cause” requires a martyr at some point. The problem with being a martyr is twofold:
1. You have to die.
2. You don’t get to stick around and see what, if any, results came from your martyrdom. You won’t know if you died in vain or not.
Everybody wants to join the cause, but nobody wants to be the first in line to be a martyr.
It seems like I’m seeing a lot of people talking a big game about “pushing back,” and yet I’m not seeing anyone actually doing anything about pushing back. I think that’s because of what Chest said earlier:
They all have something to lose. That, and nobody wants to be a martyr. I know I have much to lose and I sure as hell don’t want to be a martyr.
I’m writing this because I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because the inmates are running the asylum. I’m frustrated because in all honesty, by the time the “sane majority” of the population actually decide to do something, it will be too late. We’re pretty much there already.
Mackenzie, @_KenziePuff on Twitter, tweeted a short video. In it, the guy who was talking said:
“How radical is your opinion when the cops and the National Guard are kneeling and doing the Macarena, dancing with protesters, and every major corporation has put out a message and donated money to this cause. How radical are your opinions really?”
He goes on about spray painting cop cars and the police doing nothing and then the video ends with the guy saying, “It’s being allowed to happen.”
We’re already there.
We’ve been witness to the demonizing of masculinity for some time now. We also been witness to “white = bad.” We’ve now been witness to people being shot by protesters in their cars as they are trying to leave a mob controlled area.
I honestly don’t think it will be long before we actually are going to witness a public execution of a civilian on the street, in broad daylight, by another civilian. All because they were on the “wrong team.”
Will that executed person become the “martyr” that is needed? If not, how many acts of brutality and violence will it take, with government and law enforcement backing away from it, before someone actually does something about it? What is it going to take to take back our country?
Is our country worth “taking back?” Is she worth fighting for? Plenty of people are sitting on their hands and wanting to have a discussion with “the other side,” which I’m all for actually. Except it seems that “the other side” doesn’t want to talk anymore, if they ever did.
Choosing a path of non-agression doesn’t mean that others aren’t training to murder you and take your stuff. – Jack Donovan.
If the Red Pill has taught me anything, it has taught me to watch people’s actions and their behaviors and not listen to their words. It’s easy to lie with words. Not as easy to lie with actions and behaviors.
One of the saddest realizations to me is that “those in power” whoever they are and may be, don’t want us talking to each other. They want that fight. They want blood to spill in the streets. They want us killing each other at some point.
Where does all of this end? Where does all of this go? I honestly don’t know. From what I’m seeing though, it doesn’t look like it ends well. For any of us.
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2 thoughts on “Caught In The Middle

  1. What’s frustrating is, laws are being selectively enforced.
    After all that nonsense, it took Seattle police an hour to clear CHOP. Protesters blocked the highway for 19 days, but after the girl got killed police instantly put a stop to it. Hundreds of vandals and looters released without charge. Crowds knock down statues and police don’t even show up.
    Just before all this, people were being arrested for opening a barbershop or going to the beach.
    The same happened in Melbourne, when anti-lockdown protesters were arrested for breaking lockdown and BLM were not.
    I’ve heard that a breakdown in the rule of law is a common stage in the decline of a civilization.

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  2. Excellent post. Law enforcement could easily handle this. The military is not necessary. Mayors and politicians are giving orders to “Stand Down” and let them have “space” because they have the same agenda as the rioters. The police are capable, look at cities where they took a hard line when the protests turned to riots. Squashed it an a few hours. Where I live it was stopped immediately.

    When you see the millennial police officers posting dance videos, female officers twerking in uniform I cringe. They look like clowns. In the drill hall where we had roll call each day when I was working the streets there was a mirror as you entered and exited. In bold across the top in large letters it read, “Does your appearance command respect?” I left patrol in 1998 and went to investigations. At some point that mirror was removed. It never should have been removed.

    Dancing, sliding on a stripper pole, kneeling with protestors, washing their feet (N Carolina police) does not garner respect. Though neither does kneeling on a man’s neck… Their isn’t a real cop who wouldn’t like to strangle that asshole cop and his co workers in Minnesota. Not because his actions drew all this reaction, but because they tarnished the badge. Anyone who tarnishes the profession should be removed immediately. 99% of the cops believe that. There is no “blue line” amongst officers protecting assholes like that. When I see an officer commit a crime it makes me angry. To me they are worse than the meth addict who does the same thing.

    There are bad in every profession and they should be eliminated. However, the sheep are being used in this case to achieve the larger goal of a move towards communism. They don’t even realize it. The funny thing is those liberal arts degrees they have will still have no value in the communist utopia they envision…

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