Do You Even “Like” Women?

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“A Man Who Loves Women is Loved By Women.” – Zan Perrion.
Yeah yeah, Zan has received flak for being “purple pilled.” He’s definitely got a sort of “new age sensitive guy” thing going on and he can get all metaphysical, flowery, and mystical.
He’s not wrong though.
I’ve got a serious question for you guys though. It might be one of the most serious questions of your life.
You don’t need to answer me, but you do need to answer to yourself, and be honest with yourself. There’s no wrong answer here.
Here’s the question:
Do you like women?
I’m pretty sure you guys want women for a variety of reasons. But do you like them? Or do you simply want what they can give you? Do you want something from them? No wrong answers.
I’m bracing for the inevitable, “You’re virtue signalling to the wahmen!” with my next remark, but fuck it, here it goes:
I like women. I like being around them. I like them for being them. I honestly don’t have an agenda with them.  It’s not always about attraction and sex, I just genuinely like them. Even when they say and do stupid shit.
It wasn’t always that way.
Of course I wanted sex. Who doesn’t? But I can say up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t actually like them. I didn’t trust them. I figured they had agendas (and they do, but everyone does.) Hypergamy, AWALT, branch swinging, all of that stuff. Now I know that stuff exists and I know that women can and sometimes do, some fucked up shit. But I like them anyway. It’s a conscious choice for me.
I have a friend who recently started unplugging from the matrix. He’s taking care of his weight and his diet. He’s dressing better. He’s even starting to “get back out there” as far as being around women goes.
He’s still dealing with a lot of shit though. His latest thing is his “Alpha Agent of Righteous Karma” thing. He’s snubbing women closer to his own (and my own) age. Basically one of those, “Ha! Fuck you ladies! You didn’t want me back when we were in our 20’s! Well you can’t have me now in our late 40’s! Suck it!”
I’m exaggerating on the language part, but that’s pretty much the mentality. I know what that’s like because I’ve been there too, in the past. But I got through it and over it. I hope he does too. Until then, he gets to burn. I’m not going to try to tell him, “Dude. What you’re doing? Yeah, that’s not it.”
Guys, if you want to get “good” with women, I want you to understand a few things:
There are no tricks, hacks, tips, magic pills, short cuts, systems, or lines that will work.
Not if you want to be “good” with women over the long haul. Yeah you might pick up a few drunk ones and maybe a couple of really adventurous ones once in awhile using lines, hacks, systems and tricks. But honestly, almost all women can smell that bullshit from miles away. I know because I’ve tried it and failed spectacularly.
First things first. You have to get your mental shit together. You have to genuinely like women. You can’t hold grudges and do this “Alpha Agent of Righteous Karma” bullshit with them. So whatever bullshit you have against the women from your past, you need to get through that. You need to deal with that. You need to get over it.
You have to like women in order to love women. And if and when you do, they will love you in return and that’s when things get really fun and interesting. That’s when the world opens up to you.
I’m not bullshitting you and trying to paint some bullshit fluffy picture. It’s the only way I can describe it though.
When I gave up my anger towards women and began to actually genuinely like them, I learned to love them and they loved me back, hard.
So when you see or hear guys talk about, “I only bang 9’s and 10’s brah lol” Dude, that’s not it.
It’s okay if you don’t like them right now. Maybe you got really fucked over. Maybe you got really fucked over more than once. I get it. I’m not judging you. You just need to be honest with yourself and where you are at right now, mentally, with women.
Do you like them? Or do you just want something from them? Sex? Validation? Cure for loneliness? A hate fuck? It’s all good by me.
Do you like talking to them because you enjoy conversing with them? Or are you trying to “seduce” them? There’s a difference here.
I’m sure that I’m going to catch heat for what I’ve said here. “You’re pedestalizing the wahmen!” “You’re making it all about the wahmen!” “You’re giving the wahmen a pass!” “Your frame! You’re losing it!” No. I’m not.
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11 thoughts on “Do You Even “Like” Women?

  1. I am not sure I like women per se, but I do like my wife. It’s not that I don’t like them, I don’t always trust them.

    There was a time I hunted quite a bit. I’d be off for long weekends all fall and winter with my wife home with the kids. Many years really this was the norm.

    She encouraged it, never complained, would pack food and things for me. She said “I needed the time away with my friends to decompress.” Because of the stressful job I had. Good woman. My buddies didn’t have the same experience. Over time I realized something. While I liked my friends, and enjoyed the solitude of still hunting, I liked hanging out with her more. These days I rarely hunt and I can honestly say I like hanging out with my wife. She likes guy things like football, hiking, shooting, working out, all the things I liked about my fiends, but she has a better ass and provides benefits they didn’t. I still do things with my friends, and hunt occasionally here locally, but most of the time it’s us.

    I’ll say this, if you don’t like women, you are probably spending time with the wrong ones. The right one will add to your life, not sap the joy out of it.

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  2. A dude I knew from the ship always had things fall apart with women and he didnt know why. He was always fairly irate and hateful. Mind over matter type stuff. Hard to enjoy sex if you don’t have some “liking” for the women that you screw around with.

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  3. […] and get a million different answers, and of course, all of those answers are right and correct. Or you can just enjoy her and your conversation with her. Do you actually see her as a woman? A human being? Or is she just another statistic on your […]


  4. Postnote in regards to other postings/comments:

    I learned to like women twice. I grew up around a mixed sex gaggle, it was relatively easy as a prepubescent kid. But I had to learn to like women when I got to being a man/sexual age. This was difficult, but it took several different “a ha” moments to do so. (Many I have talked about). It was more than “love them as you love yourself” but learning about what was happening vs the wrong cookie cutter crap that “the church”, Hallmark channel phonies were prescribing.

    Props on you, Rob. Big lessons for men on here, if they choose to learn.

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