Demonstrating Higher Value

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I’ve seen a lot of guys talking over the years about demonstrating higher value, or DHV. Now, here’s the thing, I’ve seen a lot of guys talking about it, what it is, what it means, all sorts of definitions and whatnot.

What I haven’t seen though is a lot of guys actually demonstrating higher value. DHV is the acronym for it, of course. Lots of guys have come to a consensus as to what higher is, and what value is. They are missing the most important part of it though. Demonstrating.

Demonstrating is actually doing. It’s not thinking about it, it’s not talking about it. It’s actually taking some form of action, and doing it. Lots of guys are missing this important distinction. You have to actually demonstrate. You have to actually do.

You walk into a room and you feel like “the man.” Yet, you don’t do anything. You see a beautiful woman standing there, giving you all sorts of “indicators of interest,” and yet you do nothing. You freeze, you hesitate, and another opportunity is lost.

Understand this:

Maybe you are in fact, the Man. Maybe you have more money than Carter has liver pills. Maybe you know all sorts of people from all over the world. Maybe you know how to dress to kill. Maybe you’re even in good shape. Maybe you’re “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” All of that makes you a rare commodity in today’s world. But if you don’t act, if you don’t demonstrate, all that other stuff doesn’t count for shit.

Men and women out there, out in “the real world,” most likely they don’t know you. They no nothing about you except for what they see, and if you don’t demonstrate, if you don’t act, they’ll dismiss you and forget all about you. You’ll be just another dude in the bar, another face in the crowd. You’ll be forgotten and you’ll be invisible. You’ll literally cease to exist to them, no matter what you think of yourself. No matter what you think you want to do.

You have to act. You have to demonstrate. Stop thinking about what DHV is, and start displaying it. Start showing other people your own higher value. Otherwise, all your thoughts and discussions about what DHV is, is mental masturbation. You’re just jerking off in your own mind.

It can be hard getting out of your head and into your body, but that’s what has to happen. That’s the only way you are going to stop thinking and start acting. Stop worrying about what DHV is or isn’t, it doesn’t matter except in the circle jerk that you are having with your buddies online, or in your own mind.

It doesn’t matter “why” a woman does whatever she does. Ultimately she does whatever she is doing because she can. Whether you think that she thinks you’re too short, too tall, too thin, too fat, too young, or too old, is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what she thinks honestly. It’s either a yes or it’s a no from her. That’s all that is relevant. Yes or no. That’s it.

I take it a step further and it’s either a hell yes, or a fuck no. That’s all that matters to me. Everything else is just details, and most of the time, they don’t matter much. They definitely don’t matter as much as you are making them out to be, so stop that.

Most guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet have one thing in common:

They over-analyze things to the point of ludicrious and ridiculous. They get so caught up in the nuances and the tiniest of tweaks. That’s great if you can act. That’s great if you can approach. It’s great when you’ve got a solid game plan going on and you are running tight game and you’re seeing some results.

If you can’t act? If you can’t or won’t approach? You are just stepping on your own dick. You are shooting yourself in the foot. All those tweaks and nuances don’t mean shit if you can’t simply talk to that woman in front of you. Or that guy, if you are doing a business deal, or whatever it is that you’re hoping to get out of that encounter. Get out of your heads. Get into your body instead. The only way I can really describe it is, be in the present moment. Diminish your thoughts, or ideally, shut them off. At least for that particular moment.

Stop worrying if she is a “quality woman.” She isn’t. She’s just a woman. Better yet, she’s not even that. She’s just a girl. Girls are fun. Girls aren’t scary. Girls are goofy. Stop worrying about trying to “wife her up on the first date.” That’s just thirsty and pathetic. Stop worrying about how you’ll be perceived by your buddies in the bar if you get shut down. Guess what? Nobody is watching and nobody gives a shit.

Find that one thing that you can admire about that woman, for just that one moment. Then get the fuck out of your head and into your body and just go. Approach. Dance. Talk. Do something. Demonstrate your higher value.

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