An Anniversary Of Sorts

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Here it is close to the end of April, and I realize that I’ve had this blog for two and a half years now. I’ve had over 100 posts so far, the majority of them have been from 2018 and this year.

I look back on these past two and a half years and a lot has happened in that time frame.

My Mother died in September of 2018, my LTR of almost 4 years ended in December of 2018, although in all honesty, I knew and I believe she knew that the relationship really ended in early September of 2018. Maybe it ended earlier than that. It probably did.

I met up with the fine gentlemen of Masculine Geek in early January 2019 and started podcast/video casting with them (go visit and sign up for the newsletter while you are there. Trust me.) It’s been a roaring success thus far. I’m glad that my Brother from another Mother, Vincent took me on and decided to give me a shot, it’s been a helluva ride so far. In late September, early October of this year, the Masculine Geeks are planning a “Village by the Sea” trip where we are going to get together, celebrate our achievements, both personal and as a group, get some grooming done by George Bruno, smoke some cigars, drink some booze, and plan our next moves. There’s even been talk about doing a meetup of some kind where other Men from around the area, and maybe even the world, can come out and hang out with us and celebrate masculinity. More details will come as they arrive on that one.

I’ve picked up a lot of new followers here on the blog. Thank you all for joining me and being a part of my journey. I’ve had a lot of great interactions via the comment section of each post and it’s become a sort of “collaboration” for me. It’s great to see new ideas and information being exchanged. To my fellow bloggers, blogging isn’t dead, far from it. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep doing you, being you, and keep writing. I’ll keep reading what you have to say and throw my two cents in if and when they are warranted.

I’ll keep writing as well. It’s funny to me, one of the last things that I would consider myself is a writer. Motorcycle and firearm enthusiast? Absolutely. Hard rock and heavy metal fan? Most definitely. Asshole extraordinaire? Goes without saying. Lover of women? Yes. And I do love you women. The way you look, the way you smell, the way you feel when I touch you, the sound of your laugh, and the music of your song. All of it. That being said, I’m going to call you out on your bullshit if you try and pull it on me.

But a writer? I still don’t consider myself one, at least not in my own eyes. When I was a younger Man in college, I dabbled with fiction writing. I wanted to be the next Stephen King. Why not? He happens to be my favorite fiction author. I’ve always considered people like King, Orwell, Frost, Robert Greene, and Clive Barker (although he is a wordy motherfucker) to be writers. But me? I’m just a Man putting my thoughts down on paper, or on a screen as the case may be. I’m just a Man who is running his mouth about things that I hold near and dear to my heart. I’m just speaking my truth is all.

Apparently a lot of you out there that are reading what I’m saying think otherwise. The e-mails I get from my list from you guys say otherwise. For all of that, I’m flattered and honored that you think and would call me a writer. It’s a title that I hold with great reverence and great honor, but really the credit goes to all of you that are reading this. You are why I write. You are the reason that I keep pounding the keys and keep on keeping on with what I’m doing here.

You Readers are the reason ultimately that I keep Screaming into the Void. Somehow, some way, you’ve found me and I in turn have found you. Shall we let the entire world know our secret? I think we should. It’s time.

Dear World,

There are more of Us out here than you know. There are more of Us who don’t buy the bullshit that you are trying to sell Us. There are more of Us who are tired of the narrative that you are trying to push. There are more of Us that are choosing to ignore your bullshit, or even better, there are those of Us who are starting to push back.

Enjoy your politically correct Reign of Terror while you still can, because your time is almost up. Conventional Masculinity and Femininity cannot and will not be overrode by your bullshit politics and rhetoric. Your ideology and dogma of intersectionality cannot override biology. Your time is coming to an end.

See you soon,


And for those of you reading this, Thank You for taking the time to read it.

I still don’t consider myself a writer, but maybe I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

Here’s to the next two and a half years and beyond.


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