How To Win At Anything

ace playing cards on brown textile

It’s Story Time. So gather ’round and listen up…

A Young Man lived in a Village by the Sea. He had heard that somewhere, many miles away, up on a Mountain, there was a Man who had a Secret. A Secret so strong and so powerful, that if One had the Secret, he would win any competition. He would win any argument. No one would be able to stop him.

The Young Man set out to meet this Man….

For days and weeks, what seemed like days on end, the Young Man trekked. He swam across rivers, cut his way through jungles, dared the heat and thirst of the desert, and climbed slowly, painfully to the peak of the Mountain. He traveled so long, he forgot the days, he knew not how long it had taken him to reach this point, but reach it he did….

The Young Man reached the top to find the Man that he had been looking for. The Man was of average height and build, unassuming. The Man sat before a small fire, sipping from a glass, what appeared to be whiskey.

The Man looked up at the Young Man, the Young Man’s clothes were dirty and torn from his long travels. His hair disheveled, the Young Man desperately needed a shower and a shave.

The Man sipped from his glass and watched, saying nothing.

The Young Man gasped and panted, the trek had been long and arduous. He finally spoke.

“I’ve been seeking you, Sir. I’ve come a long way from my home in the Village by the Sea so that I may learn your Secret. Your Secret where if I have it, I’ll win any argument, any competition. Do you know of the Secret that I am speaking about?”

The Man nodded.

The Young Man grew excited. “You do know the Secret! Will you teach it to me?”

The Man nodded again and gestured for the Young Man to sit down by the fire.

The Young Man sat down and waited…

The Man finished his drink, stared into the bottom of the glass, and then looked around himself to find a container nearby. He opened the container and poured some of the contents into the glass.

The Young Man waited, watching…

The Man sat the container of fluid next to himself, took another sip from his glass and looked at the glass approvingly.

The Young Man spoke. “Well?”

The Man looked at the Young Man inquisitively.

“Are you going to teach me the Secret?”

The Man nodded.

The Young Man waited….

And waited…

The afternoon crept into dusk. The fire was burning down and the Man added a couple of logs to it to replenish it.

And the Young Man waited some more…

Night came…

And both Men sat alternating staring at each other and fire….

The Young Man grew drowsy from his journey and he slumped over in exhaustion…..


The Young Man woke with a start…

The fire was stoked and the Man was making coffee from the heat of it. The Man offered a cup to the Young Man who angrily refused it.

“What is going on here?!” The Young Man exclaimed. “I thought you were going to teach me the Secret, and instead we have been staring at each other all night long! I can’t believe this! I traveled long and far to come to you, to learn from you, and here you sit, saying nothing!”

While the Young Man was raving, the Man sighed and got up, turned his back on the Young Man, and started walking slowly up the remainder of the peak to his tent that was set up.

The Young Man jumped to his feet, “Where are you going? What are you doing? You said you knew the Secret and that you would teach it to me! I demand to know what it is! You’re going to teach it to me!”

The Man looked back over his shoulder at the Young Man and spoke, “Young Man, go home. Go back to your Village by the Sea. For I have taught you the Secret and you are too deaf to hear it.”


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