Once Upon A Time…


There was a Man on Twitter. This Man made a list, a parody actually, of something that someone else had originally posted. All this Man did was copy and paste the original tweet and changed the “don’ts” with “do’s.” He changed the negatives for positives. Then he tweeted his tweet.

That tweet went viral. All over the Twitterverse, feminists were losing their minds. Women were losing their minds. This Man received multiple death threats. This Man was condemned and villified.

And then the tweet, this list, not only went viral, it went mainstream. Mainstream media picked up on it. First it was local.

And then it went global.


The outrage. The anger. Understand, this tweet went around the world. And women lost their minds. It wasn’t because anything he said was a lie. Where is the lie in his list?

How To Be A Beautiful Woman

  • Be Thin (Let’s be completely honest, most Men do not find overweight women to be attractive. The one’s that do are a small group.)
  • Be Able To Cook (What is wrong with being able to take care of yourself? What is wrong with being able to feed yourself? What is wrong with self-sufficiency?)
  • Have Long Hair (Long hair on a woman is a superpower. It denotes health and vitality.)
  • Wear Make-up (What is wrong with wearing make-up?)
  • Be Feminine
  • Be Graceful
  • Be Sensual
  • Shave (What is wrong with being hygienic?)
  • Be Fashionable
  • Wear Pink and Feminine Colors
  • Love Men
  • Listen to Men

There is nothing here that denotes misogyny. He doesn’t say that women should be “barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.” He doesn’t say that women should “worship and obey men.”

It’s a list of what Men find in a Beautiful Woman.

It’s Men having Standards. God forbid Men have Standards.

When a woman writes a list that is 10,000 items long about what she wants, no, demands in a Man, she is high-fived and applauded. She has standards and she deserves them!

But when a Man says that he wants standards, that he has standards? “Misogynist! Sexist! Oppressor! Hate speech!”

It’s sad when you read some of the comments that women were saying in response to this tweet. “I’m cutting my hair off! I won’t be thin! I won’t shave!” Ladies, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The comments in this tweet are revealing. It exposes the lie that we all knew was there, only now the women can’t deny it any longer. Feminism was never about equality. Feminism is about supremacy. It’s about Men bending the knee.

The saddest thing of all though is when it comes to the second to the last bullet point. Love Men. If women are saying that they are going to do the opposite of what is on this list, then they aren’t going to love Men. They are going to hate them. If you are a Man reading this, realize that they are going to hate you. Why? For no other reason than that you are a Man. You have a penis. That’s why. Even though they don’t even know you, they are going to hate you. Feminism is a hate movement.

I understand now why some guys go MGTOW. The “game” as we know it is rigged. The odds are against you, the rules are against you. They already won the moment you showed up and decided to play. It seems that the only way to “win” at this is take your ball and go home. The only way to win is to not play.

Some day in the near future, the beta orbiter’s and the white knights are going to wake up and see what’s going on around them. They are going to see the lies. What are you going to do then? Women are already complaining, “Where have all the good Men gone?” What are you going to do when even the chumps and the simps wake up?

Oh I’m sure you’ll be fine with…Whatever rationalizations you come up with.

Enjoy your time while you still have running water, electricity, the internet, and garbage removal. Keep buying shit you don’t need, keep posting your selfies to a quickly dwindling audience, keep writing your lists about your demands in Men. You can keep high-fiving yourselves about how “we don’t need no Men!” You’ll just be doing it in the dark and in grass huts. Keep telling yourselves that it’s about “equality” while your government runs out of tax money to fund your… everything, because the majority of the tax base decides to sit this one out.

If we as Men aren’t supposed to have wants or standards, why should we bother with you? Why should we care about you? You’ve made it clear as day what it is that expect from us. You want our servitude. You want our obedience. You want us to shut up and bend the knee.

You have misunderstood something, though. Something huge.

Ladies, you think we Men are in this with you.

No. You are in this with US.

Enjoy your heat and air conditioning while you still have it.


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