20 Thoughts on Life


1. Rule #1.STFU. Not everybody wants to hear what you are saying. Say less than needed. Don’t volunteer more than asked for.
2. There’s always someone bigger, better, and badder than you. You keep acting the fool, and one day someone WILL show up and kick your ass.
3. If you’re a man, you have to prove yourself. Showing up and expecting something for nothing isn’t going to happen. You have to earn your keep. Which leads to:
4. Stop being a bitch. You know what’s worse than listening to a woman cry and whine? A man crying and whining.
5. If you work for somebody else, you can either be a prick or a fuck up, but you can’t be both. If you are a fuck up, but you get along well with others, you can usually get a pass. If you are a prick, you better be bringing your A game. All the time, every time. Your shit had better be tight. Spotless and flawless. Perfect basically.
6. Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy? Usually the two don’t go hand in hand. Take your pick and then deal with it.
7. A husband that takes his wife’s last name isn’t a man. He’s soy.
8. Stop pedastalizing your women. They are just chicks. They do stupid shit too. Which brings me to the next point:
9. Stop walking around on eggshells around your women. Stop being afraid of pissing them off. What? Afraid you aren’t going to get that good, golden pussy? There’s other women, and pussy is pussy. It all feels the same physically when you are up inside them.
10. Being good at being a man isn’t the same thing as being a good man. One is amoral, the other is moral. When the shit hits the fan, it’s better to be good at being a man than being a good man. Morality is a luxury for the most part. When the perimeter is secure, then the moralizing can begin. (Jack Donovan)
11. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. (Rollo Tomassi)
12. Give credit where credit is due.
13. Reality just IS. It doesn’t give a shit about what you think it “ought” to be.
14. Most people would rather hear pretty lies than the truth. Which brings me to the next point:
15. Everybody lies. Everyone. No exceptions. You may not lie to others, but somewhere at sometime, past, present, or the future, you either have or will lie to yourself. Don’t do that.
16. Happiness isn’t an end goal to be pursued. It’s a byproduct of you doing things. Stop chasing happiness as if it was a static state, it isn’t. It comes and goes.
17. Thoughts are just thoughts. Feelings are just feelings. Are you in control of them, or do they control you? Either way, the external world (i.e Reality) goes on just the same as before. See 13.
18. Stop giving a fuck so much. You only have so many fucks to give in this life, make them count, otherwise you’ll drive yourself, and everyone around you batshit crazy.
19. Men and women aren’t equal, they are complimentary to each other.
20. Don’t argue with idiots. You’ll only be wasting your breath and your time. You can’t fix crazy, and you can’t fix stupid.

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