When you’re done, you’re done.


It’s Still Hard To Accept How Effortlessly You Walked Away

I find it interesting to see a post from a woman who was blown away by her significant other walking away, and effortlessly. From a lot of stuff on the manosphere, it seems that it is mostly men that are the one’s that have the difficulty in getting over the relationship when it ends. Women can too apparently.

When I read that blog post, it was like my ex-wife wrote it. She too, had a real rough time getting over it. Still hasn’t as far as I know. I don’t know because I don’t talk to her anymore. I tried being “friends” with her, but I couldn’t put up with her games and her bullshit, so I removed all contact from her. Changed phone numbers, deleted e-mails, blocked on social media, you name it. Even prepared myself for a possible restraining order if necessary. One of the last things I said to her was, “You have nothing new to say, and I have nothing more to say.” And that was that for me.

I’m in a somewhat interesting position at the moment. I am friends with two people on social media who have just gone through a break up. The guy decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore. Earlier last year, he had proposed to her, and they were engaged. Now they are done, they both moved out, sold the house, and he has moved on. I have to back up for a second though. I found out about their impending break up through her at a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend of ours. I ran into her on the way to the restroom and we chatted briefly for a moment, since we hadn’t seen each other in a few years, and that’s when she told me that their relationship was ending. Funny thing though, is that they both came to the birthday party together and acted like nothing was different and that nothing was going on. Now I understand this part a little bit. I know as a man, that my personal business is no one else’s business. I too, would want to behave civilly in front of others. It’s none of their business what’s going on in my world. I also wouldn’t want to make my affairs become the center of attention when it’s a friend of mine’s special occasion. It’s not about me, it’s their day.

The female friend was shocked to say the least. One thing that she said to me at the time was, “I can’t believe he is giving up THIS.” She then gestured to her body. Now, mind you, she is in really good shape. I mean REALLY good. She takes really good care of herself, and she could easily pass for someone much younger than she is. If I had to guess, I would put her in her early forties, but she could easily pass for someone a decade younger.

Honestly, I have no idea why they broke up. My male friend has never brought it up to me. I have never asked because it’s none of my business. He’s just moved on and seems real content and happy with his life. She is still scratching her head and wondering what the fuck happened. One thing I have learned though, is this:

“Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a guy who is tired of banging her.” I wish I could find where this quote actually originated from and who actually said it because I want to give credit where credit is due. It’s the truth. I heard this quote years ago, and it’s true for me. I’m sure that both of my friends have a part to play in the dissolution of their relationship, there are no innocent victims here, but just because she is hot and takes care of herself doesn’t mean that he didn’t get sick of her and her shit.

I can relate to my male friend on one thing though. When you are done, you are DONE. To quote Motley Crue: “Girl, don’t go away mad, just go away.” He doesn’t talk shit about her, he’s just done. Just like me and my ex-wife. She’s a great person in her own right, and I truly want for her to find happiness. It just won’t be with me.

Sometimes when you are done, you are done.

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One thought on “When you’re done, you’re done.

  1. […] My ex-wife didn’t “have an unspoken thought in her head.” That quote is directly from her. She wasn’t kidding. The woman could talk and talk and talk and talk and then talk some more. The only time she would shut up was when she was sleeping, which was rarely because she had a major case of insomnia; when I was sleeping, which I “played possum” all the time in order to get a few moments of peace, or when one of her favorite TV shows was on. Then she would shut up. Any other time, oh boy. At least at the time, I was fucking her. Until I wasn’t. […]


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