Rejections leads To Frustration Which Leads To Neediness Which Leads To Rejection.

It was that last Saturday of the month and some of my clients were graduating and so we took the time to step away from fitness for a moment and talk about out favorite past time event.


The month of April was absolutely brutal for me.

Ghosting, rejection, being ignored and even downright insulted sometimes.

But of course I refuse to yield.

The guys and I were swapping notes about our experiences in April and 2 out of the 4 clients were in an LTR, one together with myself was single and one was considering an ltr with a favorable prospect.

And at a certain point we agreed the frustration rejection brings, but then I realized that with that rejection your approach can and probably will get worse if you’re not aware of it because of the frustration it brings.

Rejection leads to frustration leads to neediness leads to rejection.

You get rejected because you’re used to rejection.

Napier, the fuck you going on about?!

Hear me out.

Your approaches are influenced by your experience, whether these be good or bad and the more bad approaches you’ve had in the recent past the more negative your thought process will be.

This is WHY abundance mindset is so important.

When you come from that mental state of abundance and outcome independence your approach is more carefree, more flowing more ‘zen’ if you will.

You don’t NEED the win.

You WANT it, but are fine nonetheless.

Smiling, Young Sparrow, always smiling” -Obi Rob Kenobi

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