There is no ‘boy crisis’.

Please forgive the clickbait title.

When it comes to single MOTHER households, the drop of testosterone and suicide there indeed is a crisis among men.

But there is no ‘college crisis’ or ‘labor force crisis’ when it comes to men.

Yes, men are dropping out left and right and are less ‘educated’ than women, but hear me out.

This is a good thing for a multitude of reasons.

Apparently all graduates are now 58% or so female, to which I ask ‘as what?’

You have to keep in mind that with most of these ‘researches’ they take the average and use terms in the general description.

With ‘graduates’ dumb shit like ‘art history’ and ‘music therapy’ graduates are also included.

And just like the pay gap when you take averages the outcome can be used to push an agenda.

Aka ‘women earn less than men!’ which on average is true, but on average men also make more hours, have better paying jobs etc. etc. etc. You know the drill.

Now take the ‘men are dropping out of the workforce’ narrative.

To which I ask: ‘which part of the workforce?’

Rollo put me onto Richard Reeves new book ‘Of Boys And Men’ and before I actually purchased the book that contains everything I already know, I wondered what the problem this week was.

I read this article:

Note: He addresses that the pay gap has 2 sides and men have been starting to earn less, but he doesn’t mention the horrible manipulative message the pay gap actually is, so this guy to me is part of the problem he spews to want to be solving.

Another sock puppet for the societal feminine imperative. 

And in said article there was something that confirmed my suspicion about it not being about the overall workforce, but just a part of it. A part which has more than one benefactors other than men. 

‘We’ve had decades of scholarships to get women into STEM. I think that’s been great, but I think we now need scholarships to get men into HEAL.’

‘Heal’ stands for: health, education, administration and literacy. 

And what do you know?!

All these sectors are female dominated, because of biological hardwires interests.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked in administration and it was boring as hell.

I tried education, and it was so feminized and rotten with marxist talking point I jumped ship right on time. 

And what the hell is literacy for a sector, as in writers?

Excuse me, but I can name you a plethora of male authors, they’re just not registered under the traditional publishing firms.

Which might just be the EXACT reason this is a so called ‘crisis’.

Men are finding their own way of getting what they need and want.

They no longer go to college because they don’t have to.

They no longer go to corporate because they don’t have to.

It just isn’t in line with what society had in mind for them and since ‘society’ a.k.a. the feminine imperative, doesn’t like to be told ‘no’, we are now in a so called ‘crisis’.

Men are failing in society!

Men are failing in college!

Oh, so they’re dropping out of white collar jobs and refuse to take life altering amounts of debt to adhere by the rules you’ve laid out to follow as  requirement to be what you deem as a ‘well functioning member of society’?

Yeah, I’ll just upload fitness advice to Youtube, let the market decide if my advice is of value and grab my forklift certificate for no less than €300 so I can get a well paying job in the blue collar sector.

There isn’t a ‘boy’ crisis in education and or the labor force.

There’s a ‘women don’t have enough men to choose from’ crisis.

There’s a ‘institutions aren’t getting paid by men and are missing out on profits because of it’ crisis. 

Don’t let the narrative fool you into going back to the plantation, boys. 

Ferral, Reeves and yes even Peterson are in the end just allies to the narrative. 

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