Younger, Hotter, Tighter: The Purity Test

What happened to “Don’t Care, Got Laid?”

I had to snag this screenshot, because I have seen a lot of the above going on lately.

It’s another “Purity Test.”

“You’re not a REAL Gamer unless you do Cold Approach.”

“You’re not a REAL Pick Up Artist (PUA) unless you…”

The “No True Scotsman” argument has hit the PUA section of the internet. Do you know who this reminds me of? Do you know who this sounds like as a group? TradCons. The only difference that I’m seeing as of right now is while TradCons are looking for their “vestigial virgins,” PUA’s are concerned with her HB (hot body) score. So it’s not about virginity so much, but it’s definitely about “quality.” Quality wahmen, amirite?

Wait, lemme guess bro, you only bang 9’s and 10’s. Like BullRush told me a while ago: “If she gets my dick hard, she’s a 10.”

I guess my “notches” from Online Dating (OLD) don’t count?

She wasn’t always “Younger, Hotter, Tighter,” so it doesn’t count?

So women who were not between the ages of 18 and 23 and showed up at my door, sight unseen, except for pictures, (my pictures, me being unseen by them except for my pictures) and fucked me that same night, doesn’t count? I don’t have Game?

According to the internet lately, in order for a notch to “count,” it must be through Cold Approach. Whether that be Day Game or Night Game, or otherwise it doesn’t count. But to whom?

The guy on the other side of the internet on a keyboard?

Apparently, I’m the Luckiest Man In The World.

Apparently I don’t have Game because I’m not always pulling and banging, “Younger, Hotter, Tighter.” I didn’t meet them on the street, so it doesn’t count. It’s because I met them online, that it doesn’t count.

Apparently I was the “Right Guy at the Right Place, at the Right Time.” On the internet.

Yes, there is a “ceiling” for how young and attractive a woman will be that is doing online dating. I’m fully and sometimes painfully aware of this. But to say that “You don’t have Game if you do OLD,” is disingenuous, and it’s “moving the goalposts.” What happened to “Don’t Care, Got Laid?”

Who cares if she’s not a “9 or a 10” brah?

She got my dick hard, so she’s a 10.

Am I being hyperbolic? Yes. Am I even projecting a bit? I’ll own that.

But to say that a “True PUA does only Cold Approach” is bullshit.

I can, and still, fuck shit up. I have said too much and sometimes didn’t say enough and the woman didn’t come out to meet me, let alone fuck me. It happens.

I remember vaguely back in the early 2000’s when there were forums and guys were talking about The Mystery Method and were actually swapping notes. They were trying things out and seeing what worked and what didn’t. They would get “constructive criticism” about things that didn’t work and suggestions about trying something else.

Those days are all but gone, unfortunately.

Now we have, “Online game” is not “Game” or “Pickup” since the girls guys are getting are not younger and hotter.”


How is that supposed to help me? How is that supposed to help some young, inexperienced, dumbass when it comes to meeting and fucking women? It doesn’t. It’s a purity test and nothing more.

“You’re not a real PUA unless you meet them on the street and she’s younger and hotter.”

Great. Keep moving the goalposts, boys.

I guess I’ll go back to my post-wall, excited to see and fuck me women that I have met online. I’ll cry in my beer and my Cheerios that I somehow just don’t add up. My lays and my experiences count for nothing in today’s modern PUA world. All because I didn’t meet her in the real world, at the bar, on the street, and because she’s over the age of 25. All because I didn’t measure up in some asshole’s Purity Test. All of that sex and it was all for nothing. Goddammit, and here I was, trying to win the PUA Award of the Decade. But it’s all for naught because she was over 25, I met her online, I’m over 35, under 6’0, and I don’t make 6 figures. I’m cancelling my membership to the Fraternal Order of the Secret Society because I don’t add up. I’m Not Going To Make It. (NGMI) LOL

Remember guys, you aren’t a Real PUA and you don’t have Game if she is over 25 and you didn’t meet her anywhere but in the real world.

Jesus wept.

I’m writing about this, for this reason, and this reason alone:

“Don’t Care, Got Laid.”

Who gives a fuck if she’s “post-wall?” Who gives a fuck if you met her on the street during lunch in broad daylight, or at midnight in a seedy bar, or you met her online on an app?

Did she get your dick hard?

Were you able to get her to meet you anywhere, somewhere, and you fucked her and that’s what you wanted? Then you have “Game.” You were able to have a conversation with her that resulted in you getting your dick wet. She didn’t call the cops, she didn’t blow you off, she didn’t flake on you or “ghost” you. You didn’t get “MeToo’d,” you got laid. Congratulations, you have some type of Game.

Everyone has a different standard as to what is attractive, beautiful, and desirable. This is why I hate the “HB Scale.” (Hot Body) Everybody is different. What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Who gives a fuck?

It’s your life. Decide what you want.

You decide if online dating works for you or not. You decide if Cold Approach works for you or not. You decide what is attractive to you or not. You decide what gets your dick hard or not.

Don’t let random assholes on the internet tell you otherwise.

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