“You’re A Dad! It Should Be Your Reason To Live!”

I’m back posting on Twitter for less than an hour this morning, when a gem of a comment falls right into my lap.

This was the Scenario:

  • I was laughing at the almost desperate attempt by the US Government’s AD Council to make fatherhood look cool.
  • DADICATION is a years long campaign designed to make fatherhood appear damn near heroic. It features different dads speaking to the camera and describing what makes being the Paterfamilias great during cutesy family vignettes.
  • I attached a particularly cringeworthy episode featuring a fat dad with his two kids. One biological and the other adopted. I simply stated that the campaign was pandering for men to remain fathers, because look how cool it is.

Then the expected happened:


Sure I can. I do it all the time.

Why? I can, because firstly, I am a father of two. A teenage boy and girl. I haven’t parented in the aspirational realm. I do it for real every day with all the real problems and energy that raising children requires.

Secondly, I am self-aware enough to know, and have met enough men in the real world, to state affirmatively that the male of the human species is no less of a man if he decides to not have children.

Thirdly, fuck the government for telling anyone what to do with their time, energy, and money. “Do it for the kids” can model both good and terrible relationship behaviors, depending upon how much the parents care for each other.

Lastly, I had kids because I wanted them. Take your moral compass or whatever “Dad Superiority” you feel and shove it up your ass.

Parenting is concomitant with sexual reproduction. It’s not necessary for the individual to live, or to have a fulfilling life. If you find yourself making your domestic necessity a source of pride or virtue, especially when your single friend is enjoying himself, then that is your problem, not the bachelor’s.

Don’t yuck another dude’s yum.

One thought on ““You’re A Dad! It Should Be Your Reason To Live!”

  1. Rob & Chest:

    There are morons in the government that tell me that women can be dads, why would I want to be a dad as a man?

    There are few benefits to becoming one and many pitfalls.

    The govt is the last collection of moron grade pieces of shit I would take advice from. Weird that some of us pay taxes for that advice.

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