A New Introduction To A Familiar Face(less).

Hello to those remaining readers of blogs and other “long-form” sources of information and entertainment. My pseudonym is RuleZeroDAD. I am best known on social media as Chest Rockwell. I am so late to the WordPress World, that there is already a “Chest Rockwell” blogging (or at least has taken the username) who has forced me back into the Reddit character that made me “known” in the “Manosphere” years ago.

For good or bad, I have been writing for masculine causes and for shits and giggles in the “Red Pill” and seduction spaces for the better part of 20 years. More recently, I write behind a James Spader avatar to make observations on Twitter and appear on the occasional podcast to speak about the fragility and lack of assertiveness prevalent in today’s wannabe “Alpha Males.”

Rob has enlisted me as one of the “Old Heads” in the Gay Monastery to write about men’s relationship woes. These issues keep repeating or show no solution over time. We believe his readers can benefit from my experience of seeing the same mistakes over and over for the past two decades. Men are stupid and predictable. That means you.

I will try to keep my information as actionable and least-esoteric as possible.

After all, most men preaching self-improvement write about women and relationships in the abstract. They can only imagine what it’s like to be desired by women, choose to marry one, and raise a family. It is almost unheard of to be told by a person with all of those things why a “TRAD Life” comes with the journey (if that’s what you want), and is not necessarily the reason for YOU to live and thrive.

What’s old is new again. Or at least this reboot makes sense. Maybe.

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