The End Of The Red Pill?

We’re having another round of elimination apparently.

I said it back in 2019, and it still stands today:

The underlying problem, the elephant in the room, remains.

It’s still someone else’s platform.

YouTube, Bitchute, Anchor, Patreon, Soundcloud, even my e-mail list, whatever. It’s still someone else’s platform. They all can pull the trigger for any reason at any time. Maybe it’s advertisers putting pressure, maybe it’s funding. Maybe it’s the guys running it got tired of doing it. It doesn’t matter.

This came from my post “In Perpetuity.”

The fun thing is, Chest came back with this:

And he’s not wrong. The Red Pill will always show up somewhere. Somebody will host it, copy it, reference it, whatever it takes. There’s always a “keeper of records” out there. There’s always a bibliographer, writing books about books. There’s always a librarian keeping track of who wrote what, when, and where. I believe we also call them historians.

The problem is, there are too many record keepers and not enough actual “doer’s.” It’s far too easy today to copy some links for posts, books, videos, and audios. It’s easy to keep a record of them. God knows I have done it in my time, too. But then that’s about as far as it goes. Guys hanging around in the “redpill scene” for years. And they haven’t learned a goddamn thing. But they can quote Rollo book, chapter, and verse. That’s great bud, how many women have you fucked lately? How many women have you approached and talked to lately?


That’s what I thought.

Dante, BullRush, and I were having an audio conference on Dante’s discord. We were talking, well Dante was specifically talking about “nuking” the server in its entirety. He’s got shit to do and I know I don’t want the reins. Sorry, not sorry if I’m “outing” you, Dante. Too many guys jerking off and not doing anything. I don’t know if or when he’ll “pull the plug” or not, but it’s definitely a possibility. How does it affect me personally? Not one iota. The server stays, the server goes, I don’t care. I got what I needed from the Red Pill many years ago. Now I hang around for the lulz and to shoot the shit with friends.

I suggested instead of nuking the whole server, why not just nuke the text channels? Too many “keeper of records” saving information that they will never use in the real world. But boy, they will copy and paste that shit into a notepad or some kind of Word document that they will file away “for future reading.” Same with YouTube videos. They’ll put them in the “Watch Later” category and that is where it will stay until they delete it one day, or it’ll disappear because the channel owner deleted it or made it private. How do I know? Because I have done it.

I can remember “back in the day.” Back in the day, there was no internet. There was no forums, no discord, no Twitter. No easy way to get information on seduction. There was definitely nothing on what we now call “the Red Pill.” And yet, I managed to get laid. Even if it was “right guy, right place, at the right time.” But it meant I had to clean myself up, get dressed, leave the house, go outside, and in my particular case, go to the bar. But it happened. And I didn’t have Mystery helping me out. I didn’t have the internet and YouTube. I wasn’t able to be a “keeper of records.”

But then the mid 90’s came along and I was able to find things in backs of magazines that then turned into catalogs sent to me by mail, which turned into targeted advertising that was also sent to me by mail. Cassette tapes, books, and eventually DVD’s started showing up for me. Of course I was paying for the majority of them, and most of them, just like today, sucked ass. I had become a consumer of seduction material. I had become a “keeper of records.” And that’s how I spent much of my 20’s into my early 30’s. Lots of material, little putting it to use. I could have been the proto “all of my experience is in the abstract guy.”

Which is what got me to thinking about what I’m writing right now.

Guys, are you going to be “keepers of records,” quoting Rich, Rollo, Rian, Roosh, Roissy, and whoever else comes along? Or are you actually going to do something with the information that you have so much easy access to? Which way, internet man?

If Dante takes my advice, the server will be losing most, if not almost all of its text channels. If you fuckers want to learn something, you’ll have to jump on and actually be a part of a verbal conversation. I’m sure some of you will record it “for future use,” which is where you will miss the point entirely, but maybe some of you will remember the “nuggets.” The bits and pieces that gives you that “Aha!” moment. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you can’t remember that I said it. I don’t expect you to be able to quote me, that’s not why I’m here.

You guys want to go and be the “keeper of records?” That’s fine by me. You’ll also probably be the guy, sitting in his room, jerking off to Pornhub or whatever the next latest and greatest will be. Or you’ll be that guy, the one sitting on whatever replaces Facebook and Twitter, talking about how you’ve been in the “redpill scene” since the time of Rollo. How you were there when the Rational Male first came out. You’ll reminisce about the days of when Tate got crucified on the internet and about how F&F was a thing, those silly bastards. You’ll laugh about the guys who have sex dolls, while hoping that no one finds out that you too, have a sex doll. But goddammit, you got those links, those videos. You are keeping those records, man.

I’m going to leave you with this, which also happens to be one of mine:

If you guys out there, aren’t getting what you need from me, or my interpretation of the message, then somehow I have failed you. More importantly, YOU have failed you. I can’t sit here and spoon feed this stuff to you for the rest of your lives. At some point, you’re going to have to jump off into the deep end and swim. You’re going to have to join the club. You’re going to have to commit to it too. You will be initiated. Whether you want to be or not. Whether you are ready or not. Your own futures depend on it.

3 thoughts on “The End Of The Red Pill?

  1. Since you and I remember the world pre internet, we remember pre porn. Sure, you had the occasional Playboy or If you were lucky a Hustler, but the pressure to leave the cave was much higher. Eventually those damn pages got stuck together… Men got lazy since the internet became a thing and preferred to jerk off to porn hub. They peruse all the game advice and decide, “That’s too much work, Fuck it” and pull up whatever porn category they desire. It’s sad. I feel fortunate to have known the world pre internet and before we all became so damn soft.

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