Look At The Circumstances Not The Product

They’re real

As one might know I am a pretty huge geek.

Ever since I’ve been able to afford it I have been trying to get my original Pokemon card collection back, but in it’s original Japanese release instead of the English release for a multitude of reasons I shall not get into.

On Dutch ebay I found 2 Japanese booster packs for the price of 1,5 and was able to get it to the price of 1. The seller proceeds then to try and get my to cover the shipping with the phrase:

‘I am used to buyers covering the shipping.’

To which I so ever lovingly respond to with:

‘Well, if there are other interested parties I will be happy to put the deal on hold until you get a better offer.’

‘Your price with shipping included is fine ūüôā What’s your adress?’

You’re goddamn right.

What was happening here is that the seller thought he could strong arm me for shipping which wasn’t even 5% of the price I was paying for the boosters or not send them.

The situation however did not allow him that position since I was the only one bidding and offer he got over the last 2 weeks after a month of that add being up on Ebay.

I had the high ground.

Of course this was a great deal and I could have missed out on those OG Japanese booster packs, but it shouldn’t rely on the product if I got them or not.

It should rely on the situation.

Which leads me to why you are all here: The gurlzah.

I had a date 2 weeks ago with a lovely young lady with an enormous full head of thicc hair which I just couldn’t help but wanting to hold on to.

She was fun, intelligent and pleasant to be around and got bonus creds for being freaky as hell.

However the situation was a tad different.

She lived an hour away by car, was 19, in college (medical student), talked mostly about boozing it up with her friends and living in an anti-squatting apartment complex with mostly stoners.

Explain to me dear viewer how likely these chances are of her being open to a second date or just being overrun by options because of #1 her place in the SMP #2 her lifestyle.


But this time I was focussed on the product because she was pretty and freaky and thin.

I got invested and it showed in my texting.

I got left on read a week ago.

I looked at the product at not the circumstances.

I’m not saying don’t try to get the second date, but look at the effort you’re putting in and what’s actually being presented surrounding the nice pair of legs and tits.

The strongest negotiating position is being to walk away and mean it.

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