Peterson’s most overlooked advice

Jordan Peterson

Rob will probably throw me off his blog after smearing it with Jordan Peterson’s advice, but before you do, hear me out.

If you’re harmless you’re not virtuous, you’re just harmless, you’re like a rabbit…. If you’re a monster and you don’t act monstrously, then you’re virtuous.” -Jordan Peterson

This is one of if now my favorite quotes by Peterson and OF COURSE most overlooked by his pansy followers.

I know a lot of guys who look up to Peterson, but don’t go farther then self satisfyingly clean their own room, wash their dick and pet a cat every time they encounter one on the streets. Every now and then they lift as well.

But they are still rabbits.

Maybe clean, orderly and buff rabbits, but rabbits nonetheless. 

Bodybuilders are pussies!” – Andrew Tate

Now that’s 2 people Rob isn’t very fond of, can I make it to a third?

But ole buddy, ole pal Andrew was right. Just because you lift iron doesn’t make you capable.

It makes you strong, though since my trip to Portugal I am willing to argue that, but it doesn’t make you weak and it does improve your overall physique, posture and overall state of mind.

But positivity never defended the castle.

What defended the castle was an ability and willingness to go medieval on someone.

Not to enjoy it persé but to be ABLE to.

To go nuclear on anyone who dares to threaten and eventually harm what had been built up or even worse someone’s loved one’s.

To have that capability, that edge.

But most of Peterson’s fanbase doesn’t have it. They’re buff rabbits on the course of virtue and  goodness telling themselves “I’m not like that” when introduced to the possibility of taken up a kickboxing class cause “I might get hurt!

Which is exactly the point, but in that pain there is a learning experience. You learn to defend, but also to attack.

But I don’t like to attack. I’m not violent

Neither am I, dipshit, but I am capable of violence. Which is all one needs.

If you are truly wanting and willing to be a well rounded individual who can protect his family and friends from harm you must learn to be capable of violence.

For as Machiavelli once stated:

He who is good will suffer under those who are not so good


I’m OUT!

In all seriousness though.

Learn to box, be capable of violence and not violent.

I recommend Jon Fitch on Youtube if you want to get a taste and otherwise go to a local kickboxing dojo and take a class.

I’d rather be a soldier in a garden than a gardener in a war.” – Ancient proverb.

Sorry Rob, I had to get that quote in there.

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