Space Junk

Space Debris Orbiting Earth

On Saturday, I took Teriyaki out for “Dinner and Dancing.” Well, the dinner part at least. Yes, I know I’m destroying my credibility with the “Alpha Bros” and probably 2/3 of the ‘Sphere, but I don’t care. I’m not going to live my life for them considering that most of them have no idea what they are talking about and are just LARPing anyway.

It’s good to be your own Mental Point of Origin as Rollo calls it. It’s good to ask and hopefully know what you want. It’s great to not give a fuck. At the same time, there comes a time when you need to take other people’s feelings and thoughts into consideration. They are human beings after all. If everything you do is about you and you alone and only the things that you like and want to do, you’ll end up being alone. I know I wouldn’t stick around anyone whether they are a man or a woman if everything was only about them, for them, with nothing in it for me.

So I took Teriyaki out for a nice dinner, we had a great time, and it was a great evening. And yes, I paid for the dinner as well with no expectations of sex or anything else afterwards. She enjoyed it and I think she enjoyed the dessert that we had right after dinner.

While we were sitting in the car, eating our dessert, we got to talking. Teriyaki is 34 and I’m 49, so there’s a little bit of an age gap between us, which I happen to enjoy. I like my women much younger than me for the most part, and it isn’t just their “younger, hotter, tighter” status, but it’s also their perspective on things. You see, I not only enjoy younger women for their youth, but I actually learn from them as well.

I’m a Gen X’er. I was a young adult, in my early 20’s when the internet really first became a thing. I grew up without the internet, smart phones, GPS technology, and social media. I had none of those luxuries that we take for granted today. If I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been before, I had to get a paper map and look it up and figure out where I needed to go. I needed to learn how to use an actual compass in order to find which direction was north and which direction I was currently facing. If I wanted to talk to friends and family I either had to walk, ride a bicycle, or drive to them, or I had to pick up a phone and call them and until cordless phones became a thing, I was limited as to how far I could walk in a given room. Privacy, much like today, wasn’t much of a thing when the corded landline in the kitchen didn’t extend to my bedroom. And meeting girls? Yeah, much like today, you had to walk up to them and actually talk to them and get to know them.

Teriyaki is a Millennial. A fairly early millennial to be fair, but a millennial nonetheless. She grew up with some of the technology that we all enjoy today, but then again, she didn’t have all of it. She’s kind of a “hybrid” where she had more access to it earlier than I did, but she also has a lot of the skills that Generation X and earlier had to rely on in order to get around and function in the world.

We were sitting there, eating our dessert, and there was another car sitting next to us with a young guy at the wheel, who was engrossed in his phone. He had been so distracted by his phone and had spent so much time on it that when he finally decided to leave, he didn’t realize that he had already turned his headlights on. That’s because when he threw the car in reverse, he actually turned his headlights back off, realized that they had already been on, and then turned them back on again.

We watched him do this and that’s where Teriyaki and I got to talking about technology and where we are today. I mentioned that we as a society have become so dependent on technology, that if something were to happen, and the internet went down, most of the younger people would be seriously fucked. At least until they learned how to adapt and survive without that technology. What if we were to have a war and it knocked out the internet? The internet is pretty hardy I’m sure. I wouldn’t doubt that there are fail safes that are put into place in the event of something like a war.

But what about our own sun doing something like a massive solar flare? Or what about something like the space junk problem that is currently growing? A lot of our current technology and parts of the internet rely on satellites. All it would take is some of this junk that is orbiting the planet to hit one satellite, knock it out of commission and a catastrophic chain of events could easily happen where old debris hits new objects which creates new debris which then hits other objects and it’s a series of dominoes falling down from there. With all that junk, and more being created all the time, it’s only a matter of time where we may not be able to actually leave the planet to explore the outer reaches of space because of us creating our own orbiting prison system. If satellites can’t orbit, we can’t communicate globally.

The internet may become unstable or spotty, or inaccessible in some or many parts of the world, GPS technology could become a thing of the past, and it’s back to using a compass and a paper map again. While that’s not a big deal for me, what about the younger people who have grown up knowing nothing more than computer technology? Do the younger people even know what the Dewey Decimal System is? Do they even know how to use it?

We have become so reliant on technology that we are seeing the effects of it. Younger people today have minimal social skills. Everything they have done involves at minimum a laptop or a smart phone. All of their major communications involve texting and emoji’s. They literally don’t know how to have a phone conversation, let alone a face to face interaction with someone outside of their immediate friends or family. You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.

Why does the ‘Sphere even exist? It’s guys trying to figure out how to “get the girls.” At least that’s what it started out as. Game is nothing more than the ability to talk to women with the goal of getting them into bed. Most guys today have zero Game. None. That’s because they literally don’t know how to have a conversation with a woman, let alone have the confidence in themselves to actually try and escalate and get that woman to go and have sex with them. Most young women today are no better off. They don’t know how to have a conversation with a man either. They don’t know what to do. I have seen this in restaurants, bars, and other public places. Yes, this is even during the pandemic. If anything, I think the pandemic is making it worse as everybody is “social distancing,” wearing masks, and staying home, staying away from each other.

I saw young children, like between the ages of 2 and 4, the other day. They were in some form of daycare. They were in an enclosed space, with literal iron bars separating them from the rest of the world, and they were all wearing masks. Talk about sitting or standing in a literal jail cell, wearing masks. This is the future that we are creating.

All of this talk of technology, war, the possible fall of the internet, and space junk happened between a millennial woman and a cynical old gen X’er while we were eating ice cream in a car, after a night of “dinner and dancing” on the night before Valentine’s Day.

What have you guys done?

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2 thoughts on “Space Junk

  1. I, too, enjoy a nice meal and decent company. A sense of wholeness exists with and without sex. I do like sex but I also like “people”.

    As per your comments about space junk, yes it might hurt if people have to be people again but they will find purpose when the initial haze clears.

    I was surprised to meet people that were forced into conversating and these people seemed to have fuller lives. Men and women both, traveled outside of a pre-perscribed self imposed fence, and found something great. Those that didnt sunk further into a funk

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  2. Damn Rob, you and I think a lot alike. I’ve discussed these same things with my wife. It would be an adjustment for sure to lose internet. I have one kid who can barely find her way even with GPS… Although, she is pretty independent and resourceful in all other aspects of her life. Kind of surprises me sometimes. As for the guys giving you shit for taking your girl out, fuck them. Sounds like you found one who is good company. When you are fortunate enough to find a good one in the haystack, it’s wise to hang on to her as long as she’s good. Besides, who wouldn’t want to discuss life looking a great set of tits rather than your buddy’s neck beard and that one wild nose hair that looks like it’s waving at you?

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