Stay Out Of My Bedroom

Originally I wasn’t going to write a post for this Monday, and that’s because I haven’t been on social media much this last week or this last weekend. I’ve been busy working on “remastering” my audio podcasts. And when I got home from hanging out with Teriyaki this morning, I opened Twitter and the above screenshot was one of the first things that I saw, and here we are.

I tweeted about a week ago, and in that tweet I said, “Trads AND the Rainbow Brigade need to stay the fuck out of my bedroom.” That tweet ties into the screenshot as well.

I’ve realized that the “Manosphere” has morphed over the years and it has morphed into something that I think is a waste of time. “Back in the good old days,” the ‘Sphere was something that came about for men to get together to learn from each other about how to get laid. Even at the tender age of 49 years old, I’m not a complete master at getting laid and so I’m always interested in what someone else can teach me when it comes to this particular subject. I’m all for improving my Game and getting better at getting laid more often and faster.

Nowadays the ‘Sphere has morphed into two major factions, that being guys who are still interested in getting pussy, and everybody else. The everybody else is there to primarily shame guys into living a lifestyle that may not be for that guy that is being shamed.

“If you don’t fuck the way I do, you are doing it wrong.”

“If you fuck anyway other than missionary and only for procreational purposes, you are a bad, evil, degenerate man.”

“If you won’t fuck somebody who used to be a man, you are transphobic.”

“If you fuck anybody outside of an approved age group, (MY approved age group) you are a pervert.”

Lots of morality being tossed around as if it has any worth to me.

The whole lot of you need to mind your own business and stay the fuck out of my bedroom. What I do in there and with whom I do it is none of your business. This is my biggest gripe when it comes to both the Trad side of things as well as the Rainbow Brigade. Both sides are basically telling me I’m doing it “wrong,” because I’m not doing it their way.

Learning game, pick up, seduction, whatever you want to call it, is an amoral skill. Seduction itself is amoral. It simply IS. You either learn to seduce or you don’t, and if you don’t do it, someone else will, and you’ll be the one left out in the cold with your dick in your hand. Literally.

Who cares if a “party girl who sleeps around” can become a great housewife or not? Why would you want to get married in today’s day and age anyway? The screenshot is one of morality, not one of skill or ability. What defines a “great housewife” anyways? I’ll go ahead and answer that question for shits and giggles though:

Question: Can a party-girl who “sleeps around a lot” become a great housewife or partner for the right guy?

Simple answer: You already answered the question dude, and that answer is yes. I believe any woman can “change her evil ways” for “the right guy.” But that’s the simple, throwaway answer that looks great in a tweet.

The real answer: It depends. It depends on a whole host of factors that could take volumes to write about, think about, and are going to be fairly complex. I could probably write a 1000 page book on whether a “party girl” turned “good girl” would actually be a “good girl” and in the end she may or may not actually become that said “good girl.” But I’m not going to write that book because it wouldn’t apply to all women, just to one or two particular women that I would have to know in real life, not digital pixels on the internet.

Basically the question being asked is nonsense and nothing more than mental masturbation with a side of morality thrown in. The question doesn’t matter really, because it’s not useful. The question doesn’t teach me anything about getting better with Game or getting laid. It doesn’t teach me anything useful when it comes to dating or relationships. It doesn’t teach me how to have a relationship, if that was what I was looking for, it only asks if you the reader thinks that a hoe can be turned into a housewife.

I have seen a lot of guys masquerading as “players” in the ‘Sphere in recent times. Guys who are claiming that they either want or know how to Game women. Supposed “degenerates” that are turning out to be nothing more than Trad 2.0 when it comes down to it. I’m tired of people shoving their morality down my throat. Stay the fuck out of my bedroom.

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