Are They Banging?

A few days ago, Rollo was out and about with some people and he took the above picture and then asked Twitter, “Are they banging?” He’s referring to the woman and the man in the background in case there is any wonder or confusion.

I’ve seen guys over the years post pictures similar to this one, asking questions like:

“Is this alpha? Is this beta? Are they a couple? What do you think is going on here?” And many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the replies to this tweet:

And the list goes on and on and on… Lots of “Yes they are banging,” and a lot of “No, they aren’t.” Lot of why the person replying thinks they are banging or not. On Twitter, everybody is a fucking expert when it comes to body language and motive.

There was one reply in particular that really stood out to me though, and I think it is by far the most accurate one of them all:

“We don’t know.”

That’s right, we don’t know. We don’t know if they are banging or not. Maybe this is a father/daughter moment.

And when it comes to her legs being crossed:

Women are incredibly aware of their surroundings. She’s wearing a short skirt, for whatever reason. Maybe she just likes short skirts? She’s sitting on a tall chair at a tall table, her entire body is exposed to the world. Women know when they are wearing something that could reveal the color of their underwear, or the fact that they aren’t wearing any at all.

While we are playing amateur psychologist/psychic, let’s talk about something some of the replies are showing. Projection.

Good grief.

“Bitter, party of one. Bitter, party of one. Your table is ready.”

And to round it out, a woman decided to join in on the fun as well. I happen to like her reply:

The honest to god truth to Rollo’s question is: “We don’t know.” We don’t know if they are banging or not. This is a snapshot of a moment in time. We know nothing about this couple other than they are most likely a man and a woman.

If we are going to be honest, we need more information. Was Rollo there before they showed up? Did they leave before he did? Only Rollo can answer those questions. It would have been better to have video footage of this scene to come to a better conclusion. It would have been ideal to have filmed them from the time they entered and sat down to the time they got up and left. It would have been better to have overheard their conversation. Hell, it would have been great if Rollo had gotten up, walked over to them and asked them, “Are you guys banging?” I imagine that he didn’t.

I don’t mind these tweets when they pop up and sometimes it’s blatantly obvious if the people in the photo “are banging” or not. But in this particular case, as with the great majority of the ones that I have seen on Twitter, the only honest answer is, “We don’t know.”

Guys, realize that a picture is just that. A picture. It’s a brief moment in time that happened to be captured. By itself it is useless. You need more information and you need more context. Stop playing amateur armchair psychologist. Stop pretending that you truly understand body language. Just because a person folds their arms or crosses their legs doesn’t mean anything by itself. Stop reading into things that you know nothing about. Unless you were there, watching and talking to the people in the photo, you really have no idea of what is going on. Not even an “educated guess.” Just pulling shit right out of your ass is all you are doing. You need the context and you need more information. All you end up doing in cases like this is you look like an idiot.

While these photos and short snippets of video are fun to look at, that’s all they are. Fun, and nothing more. Keep that in mind.

Let me show you one last photo and ask you the same question that Rollo did.

“Are they banging?”

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