Get Your Ass Out Of The House

Red Pill Dad wrote a great piece last week, it’s called Bad Girl Game, Part Deux, and what players can learn from it. The entire essay is a a great read and I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you are a woman.

One of the things that RPD mentions early on, is girls not getting their asses out of the house. Right now, during our time of lock-down’s and the coof, I can see why many people, women included, don’t want to leave their homes. The talking heads on the TV and the retards on the internet are telling you to stay home, and so you do.

The thing is, women have been staying in their homes long before the Coof.

When I used to read Tarot cards for money, one of the biggest questions that I would get asked, by women, who happened to be approximately 98% of my clientele, was “Am I going to meet the One?”

Of course, what they meant by that was, “Am I going to meet a guy to date, fuck, and maybe ultimately marry or be in a long term relationship with?”

I didn’t need Tarot cards or any other charade to answer that question. Usually when they would ask me something like this, I would respond with a question of my own: “Are you getting out of the house and out into public?” To which the women would blush, look away, giggle, stammer, and ultimately tell me: “No.”

Of course you aren’t getting out of the house. Of course you aren’t going out into the public realm to meet people. It is far easier to stay at home, eat far more than you should, and scroll social media and hopefully get “likes” or “hearts” on whatever bullshit you decide to post whether it be pictures or some platitude that you found on the internet somewhere. Of course.

I would nod sympathetically and tell them what they wanted to hear. When you are in the business of “reading cards” you have a choice: You can tell them the truth and never hear from them again, which is a poor business model I might add, or you can lie to them and tell them what they want to hear, what they are paying to hear. Guess which direction I went.

“Of course, you are going to meet your One. It won’t be soon, but in the near future. He will be all of the things that you have missed throughout your life and in other relationships. This could happen in the next 6 weeks or in the next 6 months. You have a part to play in this though. If you want to accelerate that time frame, you need to get out of your house.

While I was bullshitting her for the most part, that last part is the truth.

Ladies, if you want to meet a guy and get anything from him beyond a text, you need to get out of the house. I know that it’s scary out in the world right now. I know it was scary even before the coof and the lock-downs. But if you want to meet a guy and go beyond just a text or two, you need to get off of your ass and get out of the house.

One of the things I would leave my women clients with was this:

“You can stay home and your ‘One’ will most likely show up eventually, knocking on your door. By then you will be 80 and he will be 20, delivering your favorite food to you. By then, you will be able to do nothing about it. Or, you can get out of the house and put yourself in front of him, now. The choice as always, is yours.”

Ladies, the choice, as always, is yours. You can stay home messing around on social media, wasting your time, which you cannot and will not ever get back, or you can put your phone down and get out of the house. The choice is always yours.

Choose wisely. Or not.

And for the guys reading this? Much like RPD said in his essay, if she doesn’t want to come out and gives you an excuse, you ghost. Stop replying, stop giving her your attention, and move on. She is wasting her time and more importantly, she is wasting your time. What I said earlier doesn’t just apply to her, it applies to you as well.

Your time is limited and it is the most precious commodity you will ever have, more than money or anything else. You cannot or will not get it back. Choose what you spend it on wisely.

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