You Might Be Full Of Shit

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I had a brief but interesting conversation with a good friend of mine on Twitter recently. The actual conversation itself isn’t really what this post is about, so I’m not going to go into the details of that conversation, other than to say that the conversation was the catalyst for this post. So BullRush, if you are reading this, you sparked this. And thank you.

A lot of people do a lot of talking on the internet. Nothing new here, that’s been going on since the internet first became a thing. What’s really fun and interesting to me though is learning about what people want you to believe about them.

Some people are very short and to the point. Some people take long breaks from the internet, or at least social media, and some practically live on social media.

It’s that last group that interests me the most.

Guys on social media on a near 24/7 basis. Yes, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but not much. Guys constantly running their mouths about whatever the topic may be, and the fun thing is, the guy will inevitably make whatever the conversation is about him.

He may have started the conversation with a tweet, or he may have replied to someone else’s tweet, but he will inevitably try and make that conversation about him.

The places he’s been. The things that he has done. The people that he has met or that he knows (in real life too!)

There’s at least one term for this type of individual. It’s the Know-It-All. Whatever you have done, he’s done it many times and often better than you. You own a brand new car? He owns one too, only his is more expensive and has more bells and whistles.

You got with a woman? Dude, he bangs 9’s and 10’s on the regular.

You just got a raise at your job? Dude, he’s been making six figures since he was eighteen.

You got into a fight with your childhood best friend when you were 12? Dude, this guy has been shot, stabbed, mugged, hanged, and jumped more times than he can count. And this was all earlier this week.

Hold my beer, indeed.

Am I exaggerating a little bit? Of course. But the point is, there’s only so much time in the day. We all have 24 hours in a day and we all have to sleep, eat, shit, shower, fuck, and do whatever else it is that we do in that 24 hour time frame.

How can somebody get shot, stabbed, win a gold medal, get a huge pay raise, get the girls, buy 3 houses on 3 different continents, eat, tuck their children into bed at night and read them a bedtime story, and then make love to his wife before running off to “Save the West?”

He can’t.

It’s all bullshit.

You want to know if somebody is “the real deal” or not? How often are they on social media? If they are constantly running their mouths at all hours of the day and night, I can pretty much guarantee you that they haven’t done half the shit that they have claimed they have done. And that’s because when did they find the time to do all of that shit all the while posting constantly on social media?

You can’t be in two places at the same time. Sorry, you just can’t.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years and some of them have witnessed a lot of harrowing things. The thing is, they don’t usually like talking about those harrowing things. They would rather be done with them and put those things behind them. Most of my Father’s friends served in Vietnam. They’ve got the physical and mental scars to prove it and none of them want to talk about it and “relive the glory days” because the war for them wasn’t glorious. One of my Father’s friends has a crater in his lower back the size of a grapefruit. He got that scar from grenade shrapnel. I only found that out from talking to my Dad about it. The guy himself didn’t talk about it.

That same guy died about a year ago. From what I know, he had nightmares about the war from the time he was in it up to the day that he died. The only person that really knew what went down in Vietnam besides the man himself and his fellow soldiers that were there, was his now widow. I only know that he talked to her about it because I asked her, “Did he ever tell you what he witnessed?” And her answer was only 3 words.

“Yes he did.” And she didn’t say anything else about it.

I have a feeling even she didn’t get the whole story about what happened. He gave her enough so that when his PTSD kicked in it wouldn’t drive her crazy and send her running. And to give her credit, she stayed with him right up until the day that he died.

Guys bragging about their exploits, whatever they may be, are doing just that. Bragging. Guys that go on social media constantly and are constantly running their mouths truly only know how to do one thing: Run their mouths on social media.

You want to get a better idea of who may actually be legitimate and who is full of shit? Look and see how often they are on social media and what do they talk about. Do they have something to say about every topic under the sun? Are they the “James Bond hard to kill” guys? Are they constantly running their mouths? If so, you may have just encountered a Know-It-All. At the very least you’re dealing with a bullshitter. Act accordingly.

Ask yourselves one easy question:

“When does this guy find the time to do all of this shit and post on social media?”

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