Biology Doesn’t Care

30 Year Old Co-worker, Ray Mangum

Biology doesn’t care about “Body Positivity.”

Biology doesn’t care that “Big is Beautiful.”

Biology doesn’t care that “Fat is Where It Is At.” Or what ever other nonsense that is being spouted.

Even though we as people are living longer lives compared to our predecessors thanks to modern medicine, health care (cough) and science, just who, exactly, is living longer at the moment?

The Baby Boomers, that’s who. My Father.

Boomers for the most part haven’t always had a shit diet. But many millennial’s do.

Have you seen the kids today?

When I was a kid, I can tell you how many kids there were in my elementary school, junior high (middle school) and high school that were were what we can classify as morbidly obese. There were 2.

And yes, both of them actually had glandular problems.

I can’t even begin to imagine how many kids there are today in today’s school systems that would be classified as morbidly obese. (For all you stat guys and number crunchers, let me know. I’ll admit, I’m too fucking lazy to look it up.)

Lot’s of teens and early twenty somethings out there with way too much weight going on.

Here’s my prediction followed by a personal anecdote:

Life expectancy for the Boomers will carry on as we are basically seeing at the moment.

Gen Xer’s (Me included) will have a mixed bag when it comes to life expectancy. Some will live longer than what has been in the past, even giving the Boomers a run for their money. The other half? Shorter life spans. Maybe what was the average about 10 years ago or so. Maybe even less.

The Millennial’s?

At least the ones that are obese and morbidly obese? Shorter life spans than the Gen Xer’s.

I think you’re going to see a “crisis” here in the near future. Like in the next 10 years.

These young fatties are going to be dropping like flies.

Dying by the time they hit 40. If they’re lucky.

I’m thinking that it’s totally possible, and even probable in many cases, that they’ll be hitting the grave in their 30’s.

Here’s my personal anecdote:

Several years ago, I knew a guy by the name of Ray Mangum. Nice guy. Young guy.

The dude was about 6’1 and at his heaviest, he weighed almost 450 pounds.

He started losing weight and according to him, his doctor highly recommended it.

It’s too bad though. Ray didn’t get to finish losing the weight that he so desperately needed to lose.

On a Saturday night, he died from a massive heart attack.

Ray was only 30 years old.

I wasn’t shocked about his death. I had thought to myself, “Here’s a guy who if he doesn’t lose weight and change his lifestyle, will be dead by 40 or so.”

The shock was how young he was. 30. In fact, he had just turned 30 only a couple of months before his death.

Biology doesn’t care about “Body Positivity.”

We’ll see how this whole thing plays out in the next decade or so.

Guys, if you need to work on your weight, now’s the time.

Do it before it’s too late.

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9 thoughts on “Biology Doesn’t Care

  1. Even though I played sports growing up, my parents didn’t really have a clue about sports nutrition. I wouldn’t have see-sawed some much if I had been on a common-sense plan. The strange thing is that I started to really tackle this when I became an adult. (A little after 30 and I have reason to believe that it will keep me from keeling over around 60, or at least not being a pill hound). Good posting. Accountability for actions!


  2. i left the following comment over at MJ Davis’ where he linked back here. there are four chiropractors in the office we’ve been using for years, and one of the newer guys is around 30. he and i were talking about how he, and my kids, are the third generation since the 1950’s when the poisoning of foods began and how that’s affecting them.

    – – –

    i’ve pondered this ‘fat’ culture quite a bit b/c of different things i’ve seen. what if you wanted to legally poison a whole culture in a way that would repeat with every generation without them knowing? how would you do that? through their food supply. and how would you poison the food supply? through the soil. the soil in the US has been so poisoned since the 1950’s and now we have several generations out from that. also, all the processed foods … did you know there is a whole list of artificial flavorings approved by the gov’t that manufacturers can legally put in our foods withOUT having to identify specifically what they are under the premise that the ‘recipe’ is proprietary?!

    add to that the destruction of the family which causes intense stress, the devaluing of how we were created – male and female – which causes intense stress b/c we’re trying to force our bodies and minds to be different than how they were created (no one would ever expect a minivan to be or do the job of a mac truck!)

    add to that ‘religion’ has become so watered down that one can not tell the difference in the behaviors of those who claim to believe something from those who don’t.

    and a sedentary society.

    and the body’s ability to process stress is exhausted, rerouting all necessary ‘power’ to critical life support functions … and you know what system the body does not deem critical? the gut system. b/c if you’re fighting for your life, you don’t have time to eat. (fight/flight).

    so we’ve got this whole culture of people who believe the misinformation and lies of ‘fda approved’ foods being healthy, eating what they’re told are healthy foods, growing up in fractured homes without real support …

    and their whole bodies have lived in the fight/flight mode for years … meaning their adrenals/thyroid are overworked and no longer functioning properly … their gut systems are weakened … and so the body holds onto fat b/c it’s actually starving and doesn’t know it … working out is stressful b/c the body doesn’t have the nutrients to support it … etc etc, and it cycles.

    i’ve known several who have had their thyroid removed in the last few years. gut support supplements are making a killing. ‘organic’ foods cost more than chemically laden foods. my daughter developed an anaphylactic allergy this past year to a food item, and we can’t figure out what that item is. took her to a specialist in the allergy field, and he said in his practice alone he sees at least one ‘Idiopathic Anaphylaxis” a month … and he’s just one allergist in a sea of many. kids can’t eat eggs or nuts anymore or they’ll die. what the heck?

    if anyone thinks satan is stupid, they are deceived. satan is brilliant. what a brilliant scheme to destroy people, literally from the inside out.

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    • I heard something not too long ago about why we have canola oil and other seed oils, not just Olive oil. The guy being interviewed was a CEO of one of the big producers. He said something to the effect of (for canola oil) “we have to feed the masses somehow.’

      The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing Man he didn’t exist.

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      • my Husband and i watched an older movie several years ago, based on a true story, where it showed how a company had all this waste from a product that didn’t work as intended. so they wanted to come up with a way to sell the waste and not lose money. they made it into a food product, got the fda to approve it, and made a ton of money.

        marketing. propaganda. it works.

        lots of products that are sold as edible ‘food’ products began that way. it’s really, really scary. Ramen noodles is one of the worst foods out there.

        Ramen stresses your digestive tract. A video shows that even after two hours, your stomach cannot break down highly processed noodles, interrupting normal digestion. Ramen is preserved with Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), a hard-to-digest petroleum-based product also found in lacquers and pesticide products.Feb 12, 2019

        a great website for info on all sorts of healthy and not-healthy food products is … her site is my first go-to for any info on foods and home consumer products that affect our health. … ck out her info on mattresses – they got the gubmt to enact laws requiring mattresses be flame retardant beginning in 2007, so mattress companies began putting toxic, poisonous flame retardants on all mattresses in 2007. there are companies out there that use organic, non-toxic products, but they cost more, and you have to know to look for them. the company she recommends is super expensive, but there are others much less. i know a man who began to lose his sense of smell after getting a new mattress a few years ago. i sent him the info, they ditched the new mattress and went back to the old one, and he regained his sense of smell. that’s actually a mild reaction from others i’ve heard. i mean … sleeping on something that continuously releases toxic gasses? no bueno.

        and … since i’ve already hijacked your thread … 🙂 … avoid the following at all costs:

        – NO soy – soy is one of the biggest disruptors of hormones.
        – NO low fat/reduced fat – any food created to be low-fat/reduced fat (butter, cheese, etc).
        – NO fat free – any food created to be fat free.
        – NO artificial sweeteners – they are ALL poison.
        – reduce dairy as much as possible – both my Nutritionist and my PCP agreed that there is not really any healthy dairy in the USA anymore 😦 . was very surprised my PCP agreed. the healthy home economist is flexible with raw milk, but you have to be careful the source.
        – reduce grains as much as possible, especially non-organic. the healthy home economist has written on this – they spray crops with poisonous chemicals right before harvest to make them easier to harvest 😦
        – NO vegetable oil or canola oil or any other kind of oil like that – they are NOT natural. stick to a well-researched Extra Virgin Olive Oil (they’ve been known to put fillers in them), Whole Butter, and a healthy, reputable Coconut Oil. there are a few others out there – same link above will have good info on healthy oils. Flaxseed Oil is another very good and very healthy oil – i buy one in a glass jar.
        – try to avoid plastic and cans as much as possible, including bottled water – the plastics in bottled drinks seep into the liquid and then into our systems.
        – NO corn or corn products.
        – NO genetically modified foods, or GMO’s.

        (my Aspie-Girl has had full-gut issues since birth, so i’ve been researching and adjusting and adapting for nineteen years.)

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      • Holy…Wow! Thank you for this information! Looks like you have given nutrition and your family’s health some serious thought. That’s awesome and amazing. 🙂 Thank you again, I’ll be going over this stuff and checking out the links you’ve provided me. This is the kind of stuff that I’m getting into these days.

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      • oh, good! so glad i didn’t offend you in any way.

        probably the easiest change you can immediately make is to change your salt. there are 3 salts i use:

        1. Real Salt. this one i can find in my grocery store now, but you can buy it online. amazon has it. buy one in a dispenser bottle, then buy the refil sizes.
        2. Himilayan pink salt. ditto Real Salt.
        3. Celtic Sea Salt. this salt is amazing. it’s straight from the Celtic Sea. i only use this one for cooking as it’s very, very strong. also, you need to know it retains its strength and flavor in cooking, so err on the side of less. but it’s really yummy.

        regular salt you buy in the grocery store has no nutritional value for you. it’s empty. but these three salts have tons of nutritional value.

        – – –

        if you plan to make big changes, i’d recommend hiring a Nutritionist. i began seeing one just last year, and i wish i’d thought to see her many, many years ago. it’s amazing what she’s been able to help us with in just six months.


      • The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing Man he didn’t exist.

        heard a story once that a guy didn’t believe Satan existed and dared him to prove himself if he did. bad, bad move.

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