Bend The Knee

It’s interesting to see that feminism is still keeping up with their lie of “equality.” Anyone with any common sense, half a brain, and at least one functional eyeball knows that this isn’t the case, and hasn’t been for some time.

Feminism isn’t about equality anymore. Maybe it never really was. Women have it better right now than in any point in history. The so-called wage gap is a myth. If women put in as many hours as men at the job, they would be earning the same amounts as men.

See that picture? Women Only Parking. If that were reversed and it said Men Only Parking, there would be a riot in the streets. We have the Girl Scouts and now we have just the “Scouts.” Girls are allowed there now, but boys still can’t join the Girl Scouts.

We have Women Only gym’s. None for men. There are thousands of battered women’s shelters in the U.S. Last I heard, there are only 2 for men. In the entire country.

Homeless people on the street? The majority are men. Men “outdo” women when it comes to suicide, but let’s not talk about that. And let’s not forget Selective Service.

But this is nothing new to you if you are reading this. You’ve heard it all before.

Feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about supremacy. It’s about men bending the knee. This is nothing new either. At least I hope for the majority of you out there reading this, that it’s nothing new to you.

The saddest part to me in all of this is the so-called men that are bending the knee to their feminist overlords.

On the surface, this particular picture doesn’t seem too bad. Until you really look at what the guy they quoted is saying. “A man who shows reverence toward women…”

Translation: A man who bends the knee. Man up and get back on the plantation and put the bit back in your mouth. Be the good work horse. Now plow that field for her motherfucker.

What’s really interesting to me is that what is going on today, right now, was predicted over 30 years ago.

The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar, talks about it. The most interesting thing is that the author is a woman. She’s unfolding the feminist agenda right in front of our very eyes. And she did it years ago. All you have to do is pick up a copy and read it for yourself. It’s all there in black and white.

I read this book about 8 months ago and I had to keep reminding myself that it was written years ago, not just a few months ago.

Another book that is even older than The Manipulated Man is The Predatory Female by Rev. Lawrence Shannon. I just read this one about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, the paperback version is out of print, but you can get it on Kindle. You may be able to pick up a copy on Ebay or some second hand shop somewhere, and I imagine that you can possibly find it out on the internet, maybe in PDF format or something.

Again, I had to keep reminding myself that this book was written years ago, not just recently.


You Men out there reading this: Feminism wants You. They want you to be the provisioner. The State and the Family Courts practically guarantee this today. Feminism wants you to be the worker bee. The drone. The plow horse. And like all good plow horses, when your time pulling the plow is over, when you are too old or too lame to keep tilling her fields, fields that YOU probably bought and paid for, you will be sent to the glue factory. You won’t be “put out to pasture” as the feminists would have you believe. You will be replaced. Probably by another guy who is more than willing to put the bit in his mouth and pull the plow after you. And so the cycle continues.

Who benefits from this? Not you, that’s for sure. She does. That’s how it’s intended. That’s how it’s meant to be. Always was.

That’s feminism for you.

This is an area where the MGTOW guys got it right. They decided to drop the plow, take the bit out of their mouths, and do their own thing. I can’t blame them. They understand something that most don’t. Whether we like it or not, the game is rigged. The only way to “win” is to not play, at least not by their rules.


If you are pandering to women, you are bending the knee, plain and simple. You are saying that you are willing and able to put that bit in your mouth and pull that plow. You want to do it. You want to be that “good boy.” I’ve got news for you:

1. She still won’t fuck you. At least not enthusiastically.

2. You get the women you deserve.

3. Welcome to slavery. For that is what you will be. A slave.

You can live on your knees if that is what you want to do and what you choose. You get what you deserve.

I’m choosing something different. To pull a quote from John Milton’s Paradise Lost – I would rather “Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven.”


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