5 Unpleasant Truths…For Men – 7


  1. You will be demonized, mocked, ridiculed, made fun of, and told you are broken and defective for your masculinity and for wanting to be masculine. Basically, it will seem and feel like the entire world is against you. Know this right now: You are not broken. You are not defective.
  2. You will be blamed for all the bullshit that women do and get themselves into. They avoid responsibility and accountability like the plague. If you have a dick, it’s automatically your fault. Don’t argue with them, don’t try to rationalize with them, and for god’s sake, don’t ever try to beg, plead, or negotiate with them.
  3. The burden of performance is on you. Women are born, Men are Made. Don’t fight it. Don’t try and deny it. Accept it and become better. Learn new skills. Take up new hobbies. Become more interesting. Become better.
  4. A lot of it, you’ll have to go it alone. The ‘Sphere is great for meeting like minds, it’s great for getting information you never had, it’s a good start. You’ll have to do the work. It’s on you and you alone to execute.
  5. Don’t expect any real thanks or credit from women for what you do and have done. Those things you do and have done? They are expected. They are just supposed to happen. It’s just what you do. Do it because you can, do it because you enjoy it, do it because you want to.

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