Red Pill and the 9 to 5


On Saturday April 14th, I was part of the Red Man Group on YouTube. This is an event that was hosted by Rich Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars, Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male, Donovan Sharpe of The Sharpe Reality, and Aaron Clarey of Asshole Consulting.

Most of you are probably not new to the ‘Sphere, and probably not new to the Red Pill either. If you are new, you need to check these men out. These guys are the real deal. One thing I noticed while I was in the company of these Men, is that I was the only one speaking out who has a “traditional” job. I work for someone else. My income is dependent on me showing up, doing the work, and them paying me for it. Most of the faces and voices speaking about the Red Pill are “anti-fragile” in one way or another. They don’t have a “boss” so to speak, and so they don’t have to worry about getting reprimanded or losing their jobs.

I had a man reach out to me on Twitter, giving me a shout-out for the fact that I’m speaking about the Red Pill and that I have a “9-5” job. It stopped me in my tracks for a moment and made me think.

I’m almost positive that there are more of “us” out there that are unplugging or are unplugged that hold down traditional jobs. Why don’t we hear from more of them? I think I already know the answer(s).

  1. They are too afraid to speak out. It could totally blow back on them and they could lose their jobs. Retaliation is real.
  2. They are too busy hustling and busting their asses to make ends meet. I’m sure many of these men are putting in the long hours to support a family, or at least to pay some form of child support and/or alimony.

What I’m trying to say is this:

Men, you are not alone. I’m right there with you about the job, the bills, the relationships in your life, etc. I get it.

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We are the “Silent Majority.” I know this. But we don’t have to stay silent. We can figure it out. We can change it.

One man at a time.

P.S. Here’s the video. It’s almost 2 hours long and worth the time. Check it out.

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