5 Unpleasant Truths – 3

1. If you ride a motorcycle, you need to keep in mind that every other motherfucker on the road is trying to kill you. Which leads me to:

2. All you OTHER drivers. Start seeing motorcycles! The season is almost upon us, they will be out there with you. Put your phone down. Hang up and drive, and don’t fucking text and drive! Pay attention. Ever kill someone before? Let’s not do that.

3. Most people reading #2 will think, “I got this. No problem.” You won’t. You don’t.

4. As a pedestrian, you may have right of way. But going up against a moving vehicle, you’ll be right, alright. Dead right. Tonnage always wins. Yield right of way to tonnage.

5. Cops aren’t there to protect you. They are there to clean up the mess after it happens. Learn to defend yourself and those that you love and care about.

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