5 Unpleasant Truths – 1


  1. There is no One. While I’m at it, not only is there no One, but that old saying, “There’s someone out there for everyone?” Yeah, not so much. Don’t count on it.
  2. Looks matter. Yes ladies, I know you know that. Men? Your looks matter too. Maybe not as much as women’s do for us, but they do matter. If you are a fat piece of shit sitting on the couch, guzzling your beer and wolfing down a bag of Cheetos, do you really think Miss Pretty and Petite in the yoga pants is going to want to sit on your face and drink your jizz? She won’t. Why am I harping on this one? Because it’s one thing you have total control over. Your weight and your health is your decision. How good you look in the mirror, or not, is your fault. Fix it. Yes, I know it’s hard. Do it anyway. While I’m at it, fix your wardrobe. Get clothes that fit you. Not too tight, and not hanging around your ass baggy, either. Ladies, same goes for you. You want a fit, trim, and dapper man? You better be bringing your A game. No sweats and hair in a ponytail looking like you are going shopping at Walmart. Stop being lazy. Get your ass in shape as well if you aren’t already there. Your looks are what is most important to a man. Sorry not sorry, but it’s true.
  3. What you do will be thankless and expected of you if you are a man. Don’t bitch about it. Don’t get a martyr complex over it. If you do, you know what you’ll look and sound like? A whiny little bitch. Or a woman. Do you want that? No? Then deal with it. Women don’t care that you cleaned the house, fixed the car, took out the trash, and put in 60 hours at the office. That’s your job. That’s expected of you. It ain’t right, and it ain’t fair, but it is what it is. Which brings me to:
  4. Life isn’t fair. Nope. It’s not. Get over it. Your woman cheated on you? That sucks. Maybe you should have paid more attention to her. You should have been better. Your man left you for another woman? That blows. Maybe you should have fucked him more and sucked his dick more. You should have been better. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. (Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male)
  5. You can either be a victim or you can overcome, but you can’t do both. Right now, in our society, playing the victim card is rewarded and encouraged. It’s also the easy way out. This way, you never have to take responsibility for anything in your life. But you’ll never get better and you’ll never get far. You’ll never get past whatever it is that’s keeping you stuck in place. As an added bonus, when you play the victim card, you’ll get sympathy and kudos. For awhile. Then people will get sick of your shit and start avoiding you. True story.

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