What is your purpose? What are you here for? What are you here to do?

As men, we are purpose driven, we have goals, we have desires, we have what we like to call our “destiny.” I’m seeing a lot of men right now that have no purpose in their lives. They are adrift. They are “going through the motions.” They are “wandering in the desert.” They are lost.

Video games, porn, junk food, drugs, mindless sex. These are symptoms of lack of purpose. I’m not against any of these things per se, but if that’s all you are finding yourself doing more often than not, then you probably lack purpose, your life lacks meaning. When your life lacks purpose or meaning, then nothing matters. Nihilism can get a foothold. I know, I’ve been there. One thing I’ve found out, if you keep looking outside yourself to others for purpose, you’ll find it; it won’t be your purpose, it’ll be their’s. Is that a good thing? Is that what you want? Don’t be surprised when you let someone else drive the bus that you’ll end up in a different destination than what you thought or wanted. But hell, if you had no destination in mind at all, then anywhere is good I guess. Or is it?

The quest for purpose isn’t outside of you, it’s inside of you. Your purpose is for you to find out, it’s your’s to discover. Your purpose will most likely be different from mine.

Keep this one in mind at all times: You are not “lost.” You don’t need to “find yourself.” You are here! Yours isn’t to find yourself, it’s to CREATE YOURSELF. You create your purpose. You create it now, inside you. You create it everyday.

Men are the creators. Men are the builders. Men have built the empires. Men created the technology that we use. You as a man are the creator, the builder. Create your purpose, create your reality. Figure out what it is that you want, figure out what it is that you desire, then GO DO IT.

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