For most, if not all my life, I’ve been plugged in. Plugged in to the Feminine-Centric Matrix. What is this Matrix? It’s the conditioning that I and probably most every other male and female have received since we where born. It’s the conditioning from society and Western culture that dictates what we are supposed to do and who and how we should become.

For at least the last twenty years of my life, I’ve thought that I’m crazy. Maybe I am. I doubt it now. I’ve seen and heard things that are going on in real time, in real life, that don’t match up with the conditioning that the Matrix has been forcing down my throat.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, this may be nothing new to you. Maybe you, especially if you are a guy, have felt or are feeling the same way. I wish I could add something new, something unique, but in all honesty, “that shit has been done before.” I do feel the need to say what I’m saying though, if anything just to add my flavor and my perspective on my journey of unplugging.

Sit back, enjoy the ride, and let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole…

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