Just because the game changed doesn’t mean it’s rigged

Just because the game has changed doesn’t mean it’s rigged.

The game hasn’t changed, man. It’s pretty much the same as it’s always been – Rian Stone

Rian isn’t wrong and the title of this essay is a bit clickbait but you’ll have to forgive me for it.

The game has always been that women prefer short term mating partners in their most fertile years and prefer long term comfort as they age.

A great reason for this is of course fertility and an inherent conscious about her sexuality being her only agency.

The only difference in 2023 is the rules have been expanded upon.

Ever since the birth control pill women have had the option not to deal with the repercussions of sex a.k.a. pregnancy.

And ever since online dating women have had the pick of the litter x 1000.

If you have the opportunity, ask a girl if you can see her online dating profile and if she allows it I will damn near bet my Lego armada she has 100’s of likes already in the waiting to be swiped right on.

To be one of the select few to be swiped on the rules stay the same.

Be attractive, don’t be unattractive. 

Andy from Kill Your Inner Loser has a whole website dedicated to maximize your online dating account so I suggest you go there.


The “issue” now is, you’re not the only one and with any minor inconvenience the girl can trade you in for the next prospect.

The number, kiss close, date, sex don’t mean jack fuck all shit anymore.

I know some of you might not want to hear this but

Girls really don’t give a crap about fucking on the first date anymore.

Or maybe in other words they don’t have to.

So what she’s a slut? 

There’s a new guy who’s I just won’t tell about my adventures anyway.

Oh this guy doesn’t agree with me on something trivial and I don’t feel comfortable with that.

Ha, got 100 likes anyway.

Hm this guy was not rough enough in bed.

Maybe the next one is.

All repercussions of lack of investment have been removed since the opportunity for new prospects have been increased.

My new buddy RedHawk and I have gone back and forth on this for a while now.

And even though he and I are both cut from the cloth of “how can I improve” and though I am just a but more humble and better looking, even we can’t keep improving.

And at a certain point when two dudes from different continents together with an array of other guys are having the same situation.

You might really wonder if it isn’t you.

You have 2/3 dates that are great and all of a sudden BOOM.

Left on read, she’s busy, her dog died, her exams are coming up.

And all for you, cause I bet there’s a guy she isn’t too busy for.

Could it be something you said?

Could be.

Or maybe that 30 minutes of travel got cut down for her by 5 minutes because the next match lived more nearby.

Or the guy she met in the train actually did make a move, got her number and was a better option.

The truth is, you are one in a 1000.

And women don’t have to deal with bullshit of any caliber anymore.

You are expandable. 

Is this a bad thing?

It’s a though pill to swallow but it also opens up a whole new door to detachment and fun.

She’s probably going to replace your ass anyway so enjoy her while you can.

There’s always another woman.

Sure, it sucks starting the process over and over and over again.

But giving up has never been an option for the high libido male.

So drop the idealism of white picket fence, happily ever after, 2.5 kids and maybe a dog.

Cause truth is.

She’s not yours it’s just your turn. 

Dads approval

‘You’re not a man if you retire your parents!’ -Some dips hit online

First off: I wanted my dad’s approval so bad when I was young. I craved him to tell me he was proud.

It was cringe, it was unnecessary and it wasn’t productive and it sure as hell didn’t get me what I want.

Yet here we are on twitter where grown adults still hunger for that pat on the back they never got from dad and hoping to receive it from the audience.

Spoiler alert: You won’t get it.

Dad was at work, out fishing, grabbing a pack of smokes, just getting drunk at the bar avoiding your nagging mom or just sitting in his chair reading covered up porn magazines and here you are crushing it and dad still looks at you like you aren’t shit.

He probably never got the approval from his dad and now he’s not giving his to you.

“Suck it, kid!”

Now does this sound like a man who’s approval you even want?

What about your approval of yourself?

Ever thought of that?

Is the man who’s approval you want so bad someone who you approve of? 

But hey, you get dumped, found out you never had a father figure and here’s someone telling you to clean your room or telling you that dad is god in the house and honor him no matter what and you need to give up your life like he did.

So you start making millions and brag about it online to all your surrogate daddies.

That’ll show him!

How about you stop caring what dad thinks and instead of being in dad’s frame you start making your own?

How about, instead of retiring your parents, you ask why they never got their shit together and now have to rely on you and thus cheers on the shaming tactics cause by god do they suit their cause!

And chanting those same shaming tactics will get you that fatherless crowd cheering you on cause by god that will show dad!

Look at me I’m retiring my parents! Dad sure as hell is proud of me!

The Peter-Pan Paradox

Clean your room! – Jordan Peterson

After being back on Twitter I get trad platitudes thrown in my face daily. It’s either from some anon masculinity account or Aly/realfemsapien. One of the 2 I can forgive for being an idealist.

The trad platitudes are all the same. Clean your room, earn enough green, don’t play video games, don’t bang hoes and ruin women.

All the things sexless men would say to other sexless men to feel better about themselves.

And even though deep down inside I know it’s nonsense it did get me thinking about certain things.

Most of the girls I date are just as promiscuous as I am and that’s oke. Some more than others and some even more than I.

But getting confronted with trad platitudes did get me thinking that maybe me choices in life withheld me from getting with the ‘high quality woman’.

Was’t I getting ‘high quality’ women because I wasn’t acting ‘high quality’ or wasn’t I acting ‘high quality’ because I wasn’t getting ‘high quality’ women?

What if I got my act together by going back to a government job, sell ALL my lego’s and Pokemon cards and just donate my Switch?

Get a mortgage, buy designer furniture and wear nice brand clothing, go out to bars and clubs more and attend social gatherings flexing my status.

Would I get ‘better quality’ women?

The answer, of course, is no.

Women are women and that’s oke.

They’re all ‘hypergamous’ (not all of them act on it), they’re all pretty with make-up and they’re either into you or not.

But of course as some of you might know I always have to be reminded of certain obvious facts I tend to forget.

When I lay this though experiment in front of Rain Stone he stopped me in my tracks and stated that I already did that and asked what it got me more than it gets me now.

The answer is, to be honest, less of a headache.

Now I don’t have to worry about what status I have, what car I drive and or what my parents in law think of choices I make.

Now I can get the milk for free, because as I’ve learned women don’t care about that nonsense for short term sexual partners and when invested after being fuck buddies for a while already know what they’re getting into and have decided that they don’t care about anything else but me.

I’ve had good relationships while keeping my foot down about my choices in life and they wouldn’t sway from my side until something like choosing between me and her parents came up.

Where she OF COURSE didn’t choose me.

Disclaimer: For you retards thinking I put this ultimatum forward: I didn’t. She wanted me to meet her parents and they were either A. righteous cunts or B. I thought it was too soon.

I learned what settling for parents in law brings and it isn’t pretty.

She couldn’t live with it and I couldn’t be swayed so we wished each other the best.

Trad is a fantasy, a business model, a platitude and a coca-cola commercial.

The last close to trad situation I was into was when I found out during Christmas she had been texting her ex.

So even when I did everything ‘right’ women are going to be women and what you think is ‘right’ isn’t what actually works.

You don’t need to ‘grow up’ and take responsibility over anyone else but yourself.

Do that, clean yourself up, at least be groomed, lift, eat right and you’ll notice by having that and be at least charming you’ll come a long way without needing to set yourself on fire and keep daddy Peterson, Reeve, Walsh, Platitude Of Man warm while you take responsibility without being granted authority over your own life.