Dads approval

‘You’re not a man if you retire your parents!’ -Some dips hit online

First off: I wanted my dad’s approval so bad when I was young. I craved him to tell me he was proud.

It was cringe, it was unnecessary and it wasn’t productive and it sure as hell didn’t get me what I want.

Yet here we are on twitter where grown adults still hunger for that pat on the back they never got from dad and hoping to receive it from the audience.

Spoiler alert: You won’t get it.

Dad was at work, out fishing, grabbing a pack of smokes, just getting drunk at the bar avoiding your nagging mom or just sitting in his chair reading covered up porn magazines and here you are crushing it and dad still looks at you like you aren’t shit.

He probably never got the approval from his dad and now he’s not giving his to you.

“Suck it, kid!”

Now does this sound like a man who’s approval you even want?

What about your approval of yourself?

Ever thought of that?

Is the man who’s approval you want so bad someone who you approve of? 

But hey, you get dumped, found out you never had a father figure and here’s someone telling you to clean your room or telling you that dad is god in the house and honor him no matter what and you need to give up your life like he did.

So you start making millions and brag about it online to all your surrogate daddies.

That’ll show him!

How about you stop caring what dad thinks and instead of being in dad’s frame you start making your own?

How about, instead of retiring your parents, you ask why they never got their shit together and now have to rely on you and thus cheers on the shaming tactics cause by god do they suit their cause!

And chanting those same shaming tactics will get you that fatherless crowd cheering you on cause by god that will show dad!

Look at me I’m retiring my parents! Dad sure as hell is proud of me!

One thought on “Dads approval

  1. Words more men (and women for that matter) need to hear. Be your own man instead of trying to emulate what you wanted your dad to be. Some romantic idea of what dads are supposed to be. They funny thing is if you concentrate on being the best you possible that affirmation may come. Then again it may not, but so what? Do it for you. Let dad wallow in his bitterness with the choices he made.


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