I’m Sitting In Twitter Jail

Me Right Now, For Real

I woke up on Saturday morning and apparently I pissed off the butthurt people. Somebody decided that a picture that I used in a comment hurt their feelings, and so they reported me and I got my account locked for another 5 days and change, at the time of this blog post.

It’s weird sitting in Twitter jail. I’m not able to post, retweet, quote tweet, comment, or “like” anything. I can still DM people, so there’s that. I’ve reached out to those that needed to know and for those that want to DM me on Twitter, they can.

In the meantime, what have I been doing while “serving my sentence?”

I’ve created a few new intro’s to Let ‘Em Burn with Nick and Bull. I’ve uploaded more new content to my audio podcast. I’m good through the beginning of January of 2023 on that. And I decided to put my domain name to here at WordPress, so now hopefully everything will go according to plan and when you type in RobSays.net, it’ll lead you to the blog in its entirety. I’ve been having a few bugs with the transfer process, but hopefully I’ll get that all smoothed out.

Also while I have been sitting in Twitter jail, I bought a new phone. My old one was on its “last leg” in terms of its battery life. I hate that with all the new phones, the batteries are internal now, and you can’t just buy a new battery and switch out the old one. The phone manufacturers have to keep us dependent and on the hook. Gotta keep that money rolling in somehow.

Speaking of the new phone, I like it, but I don’t like that I have had to input all of the “usual suspects” into damn near everything. Usernames and passwords. Fuck, I’m so sick of looking up and entering usernames and passwords that I could just puke.

I’ve also been sick during my stint in Twitter jail. Hanging around a sick girlfriend and swapping spit and bodily fluids will do that to you. The belly dancer wasn’t feeling too hot last Saturday and by Tuesday the 22nd of November, I was starting to feel the first effects of whatever it is that I have now.

I know it’s not the flu or Covid. Just one helluva nasty head cold. My voice is all but gone right now and if I were to get on a microphone and try to talk, it would come out as a croak.

I’m glad I’ve had the last few days off of work because of the Thanksgiving holiday, and hopefully I’ll be feeling better by the time I have to go back to work on Tuesday. Anyways, there you have it.

Talk to you soon.

12 thoughts on “I’m Sitting In Twitter Jail

  1. Well done there. I’ve been in yt jail before. I don’t produce content lol, just shut her up tout suite. Pity.
    Enjoy your time In Sacred Retreat, won’t you?
    This way y’all can’t kiss strange bidet seats which is how you got the cooties.
    Speedy recovery, Rob. ❤

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      • I said speedy recovery, ser. Do I have to mumble some mekka lekka hai mekka hiney ho, hm? Here’s what happened last time I went involuntarily cold turkey from ye olde digital realm.

        Photography. I’m an absolute fool with my camera, lol. Fun. Farmers Market, the ride home, my Dad, the sun and the moon. All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun.

        Just like everybody else does. No Hippychick-Soho Don’t mind me, you are not obliged. Playing at around, didn’t have a droid til last year. True dat.

        Here’s a bit of yesterday’s wanderings. I’m not a witch Rob. I’m a wish, see? Myeah.

        PS Mekka lekka hai mekka channy ho

        runs out of the room*

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      • I understand the realm of digital photography as I’m an avid amateur digital photographer myself. I’ve got portfolios and volumes, terabytes of photos of the things that I have taken over the years, so this isn’t new territory for me. I’m glad you enjoy it too. Even when you type “drunk” and say shit that I have no idea what you’re saying. LOL 😉

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      • Lol. I’m all sober and clean. Much to my chagrin. I’m using Potassium Iodide drops for decalcification of my pineal gland, buncha Chinese and Planetary herbology, oils, nuts, seeds. No hallucinating allowed over here. To Let Em Burn \m/

        Please private reply merci. Everyone will know I’m a kook ❤

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      • Meant please don’t post replies, lol. Thank you. I’ve got three boyfriends already which is weird. For them because there’s no women on the internet. My vortex method is different to GBs. It’s not a vortex at all.

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      • Pee Wee Herman. Genie. Mekka lekka hai mekka hiney ho, mekka lekka t mekka channy ho. Y’all are not that old. Somewhere between Mage and Merlin. White Magick.

        Stay In The Light-Sai Baba and Led Zeppelin.

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  2. Someone tried to snitch on me to German Twitter about my use of “diddler”.

    I was being watched but never got punished. They actually did an investigation.

    Yeah, it ain’t like it used to be, at least when we could talk shit and laugh, or walk away.

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